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10 Cutest Bat Species: A Deeper Look Into the Different Bat Breeds Found in the Wild

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Bats are tiny species of animal that we barely pay much attention to at all, we associate them with vampires and haunted houses, and in many of our minds, they all look exactly the same. However the variety of different bat breeds found in nature extend far beyond this and in fact, each poses a unique quality, look, and skill. Apart from being one of the most fascinating species, unique bats are also some of the cutest to look at. From babies to adults zooming into the more specific features of the cutest bat species may actually melt your heart a little, as it did mine. But not only are bats just cute, but they also play an extremely important role within the natural cycle of nature, with species across the world, each possessing different characteristics, and adaptations that allow them to live within the habitat they do, bats facts can’t get any more interesting.

What Type of Animal Is a Bat?

Bats are actually a far more interesting type of species than what we would normally imagine. Many people actually have a false idea or representation of what kind of animal bats areas are usually associated with being rodents and full of diseases like rabbis. However, bats are most definitely not related to rodents such as rats and mice and are actually classified as a mammal and there are over one thousand three hundred different types of bat species within our planet. Bats are most commonly separated into two different categories Microbats and Megabats. Microbats, as per the same are a smaller adorable bat species that mainly feed off of insects and moths, these are the type of bats that are most common to see. Then you have Megabats, these are the bats we stay clear from as they often contain viruses that can be extremely harmful to a human immune system. Also known as fruit bats these not-so-cute bats feed off of fruit and flower nectar.

The Cutest Bat Identification Pictures

As I mentioned previously there are over one thousand different types of bat species, that we are going to be taking a deeper look into, in order to discover some of the cutest most adorable bat species found in nature. Some of the cutest bat species include :

The Egyptian Fruit Bat

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The Egyptian fruit bat is one of the cute baby bats in the world. This species is found throughout Africa, the middle east, and many parts of India. This big bat species fall into the megabat category and this is not often seen within a human environment, as it mostly inhabits deep caves, where it is found in high numbers. This social animal tends to keep to itself and its same species population.

The California Leaf Nosed Bat

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Another pretty bat species on our list is the California leaf-nosed bat. This little bat has extremely large ears and a wide wing spread and a prominent bump that grows out from its nose, giving it its specific name. These bats tend to stay where they are and do not migrate due to their inability to travel far distances, they prefer to scavenge for crickets and beetles which they can snatch in no time with their excellent eyesight abilities.

The Honduran White Bat

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This cute white bat known as the Honduran White bat can be found in Central America. These tiny little creatures are one of the smallest bat species and often live in groups of about 15 inside large, broad leaves. This type of bat is quite vulnerable to the wild and tends to spend most of its life in hiding feeding off only fruits, mainly a specific type of fig.

Peters Dwarf Epauletted Fruit Bat

cute baby bats

This baby fruit bat known as Peter Dwarf is actually classified as a megabat despite its extremely tiny frame and structure. This species is native to Africa where it can be found in the most tropical forests and woodlands within the region. It’s an extremely important part of the natural ecosystems within its habitat as it feeds mainly off of fruit and nectar it is an important pollinator for the flora and fauna in its surroundings.

Brown-Long Eared Bat

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As per its name, the brown long-eared bat is most distinctive due to its enormously large ears that are almost bigger than its body. This bat furry species can be found in Europe and Asia in regions of a higher altitude. They tend to inhabit hollow trees in green areas such as parks and forests where they hunt insects for food.

Desert Long-Eared Bat

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Another white fluffy bat species is the desert long-eared bat, a photograph of this species is a bit confusing to the eye as it’s hard to tell whether it’s cute or just a little bit scary. They tend to inhabit inhospitable areas within Morocco and the Middle East and have an unlikely appetite in which it feeds on prey a lot large than itself include some snakes and scorpions.

Soprano Pipistrelle

cute white bat

The soprano pipistrelle is a pygmy bat, a specific European bat species that live by rivers and wetlands. They feed off the tiny little insects found on the top and in close proximity to water sources. Their species is one of the biggest out of all the bat species in the world and are also some of the smartest too.

Eastern Red Bat

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When it comes to bats, one of the most asked questions is “what color are bats? “ Well the answer is many, bats range in different colors, sizes, and shapes depending on their species and location, for example, the eastern red bat stands out due to its prominent red coloring. It can be found in specific regions within North America. It is also one of the tiniest bat species and has a diet predominantly made up of cutworm and moths as well as many other small insect species. They are also a healthy population of bats and produce around 3 babies per litter.

Sulawesi Flying Fox

pygmy bat

This fluffy bat species know as the Sulawesi Flying Fox is yet another smaller megabat species. They are native to a specific region in Indonesia and mainly feed off of coconuts and roosts that are hidden amongst the mangrove trees. Unfortunately, this species of bat is widely hunted and used for trade and as meat and is currently facing the possibility of extinction.

Lesser long-nosed bat

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This species of bat is one of the smallest and also one of the coolest seen today. These green bats play a prominent role in the desert ecosystems as they are the sole pollinators, ensuring that all nature surrounding is kept healthy and thriving. Every year during the winter months they spread their wings migrating all the way to Mexico, leaving a trail of pollen behind and sucking sweet nectar along their journey.

Some more of the cutest bat species include:

  1. Hoary bat
  2. Little Brown Bat
  3. Big Brown Bat
  4. Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
  5. Pallid Bat
  6. Great Fruit Eating Bat
  7. Spotted Bat
  8. Canyon Bat
  9. Mariana Fruit Bat
  10. Grey Headed Flying Fox
  11. Ghost Bat
  12. Hammer Headed Bat
  13. Meditteranean Horseshoe Bat
  14. Big-Eared Woolly Bat
  15. Pied Bat
  16. Indian False Vampire Bat

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Bats

From this we can see just how exponential the bat population really is, there is so much more to bats than what is typically known by the average human being and our immediate association with the species is not always a positive one, however not only are there some extremely cute bat species but also some imperatively important ones that fulfill a specific duty within nature and their environment. From this we have learned that bats are not just one category, there are many in different sizes, shapes, and colors all found within their own regions in the world. Whilst it may not be possible to see these cute species in the flesh, pictures online are a great second choice and will provide you with all the information you need to expand your ever-growing bat knowledge.

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