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10 years after scientists opened the cracks, the iceberg finally broke off

Mar.01.2021 187 view review

An iceberg, 490 square miles bigger than New York City (302 square miles), broke off a surface of an ice shelf in Antarctica on February 26th. According to the head of the British Antarctic Survey, the team has been preparing to chip an iceberg for several years. The first sign that the glacier is going to break off occurred in November.

And already in January, the crack was getting bigger and bigger. Based on the latest data, the iceberg shaped after the crack widened on the morning of Friday, separating it from the rest of the moving glacier. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry, since special scientific services monitor the glacier every day using high-precision GPS tools that help to study data on the deformation and movement of the glacier.

As soon as even small changes occur, the station will receive a warning. The teams also apply satellite imagery. Now 12 people left the research station to avoid further troubles and to ensure the safety of the staff and the whole station. The main goal, for now, is to monitor the situation, assess the impact of warming on the remaining glacier, and analyze scientific data.

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