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109 mysterious chemicals have been discovered in the human body

Mar.22.2021 156 view review

Scientists have discovered 109 chemicals in a recent study, that was conducted on women who were pregnant. It also included 55 chemicals that were not previously noted in human bodies and 42 other chemicals that are currently unknown.

Scientists suppose that the chemicals most likely enter the human body from consumer goods or other manufacturing sources. They have been discovered in both pregnant women and their newborns, suggesting that they travel across the mother’s placenta.

“These chemicals have probably been present in humans for a long period of time, although our latest technology is now helping recognize more of them”- the doctors say. However, it is alarming that we continue to see certain chemicals transferred from women who are pregnant to their infants. This means these chemical substances may be with us from generation to generation.

The 109 chemical substances that scientists have lately detected in samples of blood from women who are pregnant and their babies are discovered in a wide variety of products. For example, they are spread in cosmetics, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the researchers record that 55 of the 109 chemical substances they previously identified do not appear to have previously been encountered in humans.

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