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The List of Most Expensive Flowers in the World and Where To Find Them

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Not only are flowers an essential part of nature but also add an element of beauty and color to the world we live in. While many of us see flowers throughout our day-to-day lives, how many of us actually stop and think about the price of such flowers and why they are so precious to many individuals. Flowers are things we look at and take in, rarely do we touch them or remove them from their place of being and this is mostly for number one not disturbing the peace, and number two the rarity and price of the flowers that bloom in the greenest of areas.

Some of the most exotic flowers in the world are also some of the most expensive and most treasured too. Botanists and flower enthusiasts will be the first to tell you about the regal pricing of such rare flora and in this article, you’ll be getting an exclusive inside view into what the most expensive plant in the world.

What Is the Most Expensive Flower in the World?

Some of the most expensive flowers in the world can be found in the hands of royalty and only those who have a high standing amongst society, so if you’re thinking about picking up one of these pricey flowers for a girlfriend or loved one, I would think twice. Some of the most expensive as well as the rarest flowers in the world include :


what is the most expensive flower in the world

While the humble tulip is not the world’s rarest flower it is one of the most precious and most beautiful as well as a common sight to many of us. Tulips are most commonly sold at about 2 dollars per stem and used for decorations in special events such as weddings and high-end charity fundraisers.

Calla Lily

most expensive orchid

The Calla Lilly is one of the less well-known flowers in our world, but is extremely beautiful and dainty, mostly found in light pastel colors. These flowers are native to South Africa and cost around 5 dollars per stem, which are often bought and imported for weddings and other special events.


most expensive rose

The ranunculus is a beautiful and intricately detailed flower that grows in a large variety of different and bright colors, ranging from deep purples to reds and even yellow. They look slightly similar to roses and typically cost around 3 dollars per stem.


world rarest flower

Peonies are large flowers that are soft to the touch, available in a variety of different pink colors, they only bloom in the summer months of the year and cost about 20 dollars per stem.


most expensive plant in the world

These flowers are native to southern America and are made up of a beautiful blend of bright purple and white. They are extremely difficult flowers to grow and require a lot of maintenance and care, each costing around four dollars per stem.

Lily of the Valley

rarest flower on earth

We all have probably seen a Lily here and there but the Lily of the valley is slightly different. White in color these little flowers are the epitome of beauty and grace and one of the rarest flower on earth. As a very rare sight, they cost about 150 to 350 dollars each.


where can you find the rarest flower in the world

The hydrangea is often purchased for weddings and special occasions and is usually seen in very large bunches, costing about 6-8 dollars per stem. They come in a variety of different colors but only have a small window for ultimate freshness.


most exotic flowers in the world

The exquisite Gloriosa is only native to Asia and South Africa, making it one of the most expensive seeds in the world for personal purchase. The flowers are made up of two colors that slowly change from the stem to the tip and will cost you about 10 dollars a flower.

Tulip Bulb

most expensive seeds in the world

the Tulip bulb is a very well-known flower but also a very rare one. So where can you find the rarest flower in the world? Well, the tulip bulb is actually native to holland and very sold for astronomical prices during the 17th century when they were actually part of organized trade. Selling for around 5,700 dollars a stem they are a true symbol of status and class.

Saffron Crocus

Saffron Crocus

Saffron the uber-expensive spice is actually made from the Saffron Crocus flower ( hence the name). It is one that is always in great demand and thus of high value, coting about 1500 dollars per stem.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

This flower is particularly beautiful and looks like a work of art. It is of extremely high value, costing about 6000 dollars per piece because of its rarity. They are grown only in Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park and take many years to cultivate.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This is the most expensive orchid in the world costing about 200,000 dollars per piece, it is a man-made flower and takes about 5 years to blossom. It is also extremely delicate and more like a piece of art, one would pay to see in a museum.

Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose

The Juliet Rose is the most expensive rose in the world, costing about 15,8 million dollars apiece it’s not every day you’re going to be able to see one of these. The rose is significantly beautiful comprised of baby pink intricately designed petals and took 15 years to grow by creator David Austin.

Rothschilds Orchid

Rothschilds Orchid

Yet another orchid featuring in this list of the world’s most expensive flowers, the Rothschild orchid goes for about 5000 dollars apiece and has a unique design, most noticeable for the horizontal lines present on its petals.

Kadupul Flower

Right, the most expensive flower in the entire world is the Kadupul Flower. This flower is extremely rare and is actually considered to be priceless and it cannot be cultivated or harvested. So where can you find the rarest flower in the world? The Kadupul flower only lives for a couple of hours after being picked and is actually a cactus that only blossoms at night and thus can never be sold.

The Blooming Conclusion

As you can see flowers are not just a pretty sight and a thoughtful gift, there is a whole history and rarity involved too. To some, they are pieces of artwork, and symbols of integrity, class, and significance are rightfully designed to be so. Our world is comprised of so many unique and beautiful elements just like each and every one of these flowers, and not only is their purpose a saving grace for our lives but their brilliance also makes up a large part of our history and thus we must learn to a appreciate the beauty within each of these flowers and realize their worth is far greater than what most of us even know.

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