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Reusable Paper Towels: Everything You Need to Know about the Best Cloth Paper Towels Options

May.11.2021 238 view review
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We have already discovered so many environmentally friendly alternatives to many elements in our lives, including the containers in which our food and drinks are consumed, the bags we use for shopping, and even our clothes, but what about our house cleaning and toiletry needs? Paper towels are one of the most commonly used household appliances, in which they are bought, used once, and then thrown into our bins. Now not only is this product present in households but also in hotels, restaurants, and public bathrooms. This accumulates to a lot of paper towels discarded into our landfills, and what if I were to tell you there is a way to fix this problem, eco-friendly paper towels. Sustainable paper towels are a new way forward, and the only way forward if we want to achieve our goal of protecting our beloved planet, trees, our atmosphere, and the health of our population. In this article ill be explaining all about the best eco-friendly paper towels and how they can help make a difference.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Towels

Paper towels are like a god-sent item, they work perfectly for the lazy housewife, the poor student, and the efficient cleaners, a one-time use non-washable cleaning product, couldn’t get much better right? Well, what if I were to tell you that although easy, inexpensive, and convenient they are also incredibly harmful and in many ways “not worth it”. The negative effects of using non-reusable hand towels far outweigh the benefits of having them at all. As we have no choice but to move into a sustainable future, the well-known typical paper towel has to go, and in its place, reusable paper towels have to come into play. Lucky for us these types of products already exist and are expanding as we speak, and for us why not replace them with some more affordable and equally efficient?

What to Use Instead of Paper Towels?

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Now never mind about how to use fewer paper towels, let’s focus on how to replace them altogether. Environmentally friendly paper towels are what we need to start incorporating into our homes and businesses as this is the one and the only way to reduce the harmful effects they have on our environment. In fact not only will this be a huge saving on the environment but also on our bank accounts too, according to research the world spends nearly $12 billion on paper towels every single year, for what? Cleaning a spill, a mess, a toilet seat? Fortunately, there are many options for zero waste paper towels which include :

Cotton paper towels

One of the best reusable kitchen cloths includes of cotton paper towels. Cotton paper towels are made out of a natural fiber known as cotton, similar to what some of your clothes might be made of. Now, this is a great alternative as it is completely reusable and can be washed and cleaned efficiently in a washing machine when doing your weekly laundry. Just one of these cloths can replace hundreds of pieces of paper towel, help save the environment, and best of all do the exact same job as any old regular paper towel.

Swedish Cloth

Another great paper towel replacement is the Swedish cloth. Swedish clothes are made from an extremely absorbent material that can absorb up to 17 times the amount that normal paper towels would do. They also serve many benefits including their ability to clean counters and surfaces as well as large spills with barely any effort at all. Now if your thinking well my cloth will just remain wet, so how can I reuse them? Now, this is where the difference comes in, Swedish clothes actually have the ability to air dry extremely quickly and can also be washed in either the dishwasher or the watching machine hundreds of times over making them one of the greatest paper towel replacements seen today. These cloth paper towels are also readily available online or at any home goods store and come in a variety of different colors and patterns making them look attractive when hanging over the counter.

Organic Cotton Dish Towels

Another paper towel alternative that probably already exists within your household is dish towels, preferably an organic cotton version which is much safer for the environment. Organic cotton towels are like any other standard dish towel and can be washed and reused an infinite amount of times which most definitely saves you a heck ton of money in the long run. It’s extremely easy to get your hands on a bundle either through Amazon or at most grocery and home goods stores. They do the same job as paper towels and can also serve a multipurpose use.

Organic Cotton Napkins

Similar to dishtowels, organic cotton napkins serve pretty much the same purpose just in a slightly different shape and thicker material. This paper towel substitute is not only better for the environment and your long-term bank account, but they also make a bold statement and in many cultures stand for an upper-class household. While they may be beautiful to look at they are also machine washable and can be reused an infinite amount of times and for any purpose you choose, cleaning the surfaces one day and part of an elegant table set up the next, you really can’t go wrong with having a couple of these in your cupboards, who needs a grubby old paper towel rack.

Bamboo Paper Towels

Another version of reusable kitchen towels is Bamboo paper towels which happen to not only be a reusable alternative but a disposable one too. Made out of a natural resource known as bamboo, this version of plastic-free paper towels is a great substitute that has very little negative environmental impact. Just one piece of bamboo paper towel can be used up to 80 times and the best part is that they are extremely absorbent, and a little really does go a very, very long way. This sustainable version looks and almost feels identical to regular paper towels except one roll is actually equivalent to 6 months worth of regular paper towels which is a huge saving in many respects. So if you can get your hands on a roll of Bamboo paper towels I suggest you do so immediately.

As well as all of these reusable paper towel roll alternatives there are actually a few other recyclable paper towel versions available to you too. These are made out of 100 percent recyclable materials and go through the same process as plastic and glass. Some of these brands include the brand Seventh Generation that has two different types of recycled paper towels as well as Marcal which has its own sustainable version as well.

Why Use These Paper Towel Alternatives?

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There are so many benefits to switching out your regular paper towels to at least one of these sustainable alternatives. Firstly for the savings aspects, just this simple swap can help save you a lot of money especially over long periods of time, and secondly for the environment. For each roll of paper towel to be made it requires:

  • 5 gallons of water;
  • Trees;
  • Chemicals to bleach the paper (giving it its white appearance);
  • Plastic packaging (terrible for the environment);
  • Energy to power machines in its mass production;
  • Trucks for transportation (emitting carbon into the atmosphere);

Now just these few negative consequences of making and using paper towels are enough to state my case that they are harming the planet and an alternative must be used.

The Bottom Line

We have now looked at the best reusable paper towels, disposable paper towels, and recyclable paper towels, each one of them being extremely beneficial to us and our environment. The truth is we are heading for a new type of future, a sustainable and environmentally friendly one that allows us to use natural resources in order to create alternatives to the harmful ones we already have. So if you are using paper towel after paper towel after paper towel, why not try a reusable cloth paper towel or any one of the above-mentioned options for that matter and say no paper towels from now on and see what a difference you can make.

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