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What to Do with Shredded Paper: Providing You With Creative Uses for Shredded Paper

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what to do with shredded paper

Paper, one of the most used products in the world, from its essential role as a writing platform, to cardboard, posters, newspapers, and books, paper is an extremely versatile product that we see as a part of our everyday lives The truth is paper is often used and thrown away as most people don’t even think as far as its multipurpose functionality. However, luckily for the environment and for us, there are many uses for shredded paper. Shredding paper is the easiest way of breaking down the paper to the smallest amount possible as well as a way of hiding the contents of what may have been on such paper, for example, business deals, contracts, and personal documents that we do not need others seeing or knowing about for highly confidential reasons. We see this happening most commonly in offices and business companies, however, that paper still;l eventually lands up in our landfills, and thus we must find other purposes and things to make from it.

What To Do With Shredded Paper?

There are many things that one can do with shredded paper, from creative uses to more repurpose friendly and even innovative uses, shredded paper is reused right before our eyes without us even noticing. Some of the most common things to do with shredded paper include

Packaging Material

uses for shredded paper

Using shredded paper for packing is not only quite a common use for the product but also one of the smartest. Using shredded paper as a protective measure when packing, for example moving house or exporting valuable and fragile objects is a great way to ensure everything is protected and kept safe during a journey. It is also a great way to preserve objects and prevent them from breaking. The typical product uses for this exact type of thing can be purchased from many stores, however why use the money when you can simply just make your own.

Kitty Litter

shredded paper craft

Another clever use for shredded paper is the purpose it serves in a kitty litter. If you have cats as pets or know someone who does, using shredded paper under the kitty litter will change your pet’s experience and add some depth to the already existing litter box, also meaning you’ll need to use less litter.

Use For Gift Wrapping

shredded newspaper

A fun and inventive shredded paper craft you can use your excess shredded paper for are none other than gift wrapping. When packing up gift bags for birthdays, parties, or events using shredded paper as a filler in the bag not only makes it seem a little more professional but is also protective for the gift inside and more fun for the person opening it.

Donate It

If you’re not exactly sure of what to do with your shredded newspaper or paper your best bet is to donate it to someone or something that does. Many animal shelters are constantly asking for donations that can be of use to them, shredded paper being one as a way to make it more comfortable for their animal’s beds. Otherwise, you can always donate it to neighbors, friends, your local free cycle, and even the Facebook marketplace if you are really stuck. Whatever it is you choose to do with your shredded paper, as long as it’s not going into our landfills it is beneficial.

Creative Uses For Shredded Paper

While shredded paper can be used for necessities such as the above mentioned ways of repurposing shredded paper, alternative uses include those that are a little more on the creative side, such as arts and crafts. Some of the highly inventive and creative things you can do with shredded paper include :

Papier Mache

things to do with shredded paper

Papier mache is a form of art that has been around for centuries and usually consists of newspaper and some glue that often creates beautiful-looking abstract sculptures. All you need to do is add a little flour and water to your paper, and then you’ve got your very own papier mache that can be transformed into fun art projects such as making bird feeders, lanterns, bowls and even hanging ornaments.


use shredded paper as mulch

You can also use shredded paper as mulch, a very common thing to do with leftover paper, actually. Not only will using shredded office paper mulch help improve the quality of your soil and the growth of the flora and fauna in your garden but it is also extremely environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and ecological. Using shredded paper as mulch also comes with a variety of benefits including :

  • Reducing weeds, both in germination and growth;
  • Saves water by slowing down the evaporation process;
  • Regulates and controls the temperature of the soil.


shredded office paper mulch

Another great use for extra shredded paper has a lot to do with winter nights and warm fire. Similar to the papier-mache technique shredded paper can also be used to create logs that can be thrown into a fire that help enlarge and sustain it, making your fire bigger, better, and more enjoyable as well as a great way to get rid of the paper entirely turning it into just specs of ash.


Another thing that can be done using shredded paper is to make decorations, perhaps for your child’s room, your arts and crafts corner or even hanging ornaments for the Christmas period. There are so many different things shredded paper can be turned into, all you have to do is put your creative mind to use, grab some paint and color your paper, or some glue and stick it together or to a large piece of cardboard. Go wild and be creative, invite friends over and do it collectively, get the whole family involved and keep the kids entertained for hours on end, once you get stuck in it really is a fun activity to do you just have to start with one tiny piece.

How To Make Money From Shredded Paper

how to make money from shredded paper

While there are many fun and very creative uses for shredded paper, there is also somewhat of a business opportunity involved in the conversion process too. There are many reasons as to why people and businesses especially are looking for shredded paper services, a lot of it has to do with the fact that a lot of private documents have to be shredded and destroyed by law as a way to protect private details and legalities. However, as we are moving towards a paperless and more ecological future companies are searching for new, easy and creative ways of getting rid of their paper waste altogether. As a result, there are many places that will actually pay you to collect and repurpose or destroy their paper waste. If you collect enough most commonly around 20 kilograms, places will come and collect I from you and pay you per kilo. Some buyers of such product would be:

  • Paper recycling centers
  • Packing companies
  • Ornamental production businesses and services

The types of businesses will then use your collected paper in a way that benefits their product, services, or business.

This is not the only way to make money through shredded paper, there is actually a multitude of different ways, some of which come with what you produce from such paper, for example, you can use it to create furniture, gift bags, ornaments, and decorations that can eventually become products that you sell as part of a small business venture or something along those lines that may spark your interest and eventually the interest of others. You could also create your own shredding service in which you offer large companies a service in which you promise not only to shred their documentation safely but also promise to take that shredded paper and use it for repurposing value, this will help the business in more than one way making your services a lot more appealing than what is most commonly used by businesses today.

What Have We Learned?

From this, we can see just how much possibility comes with shredded paper and its multitude of different uses both in the creative, environmental, and even business fields. A versatile product that we still heavily rely on even in our almost paperless century needs to be kept as sacred as its source which is none other than our environment. The truth is that the only way to save our planet is by making the most of the resources we take from it. Being inventive and creative and thinking outside the box is the only way forward if we want to ensure a bright and beautiful future for ourselves and the generations to come. It all starts at home, if you have unsued paper, shredded paper, or old newspapers, instead of throwing them directly into your rubbish bins why not opt for a more ecological method and perhaps start a project, build some decorations for your Christmas tree, use it in your pets beds or litter, make a fun art project with the kids, try donating it or even think on a larger scale and begin a new business endeavor.

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