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3% of land on our planet left ecologically “pure”, scientists say

Apr.19.2021 252 view review

According to a recent study, only 3% of the world’s land area remained ecologically untouched, including a healthy population of all unique animals and their natural habitat. These unharmed parts are discovered originally in parts of the Amazon and Congo rainforests, forests, and tundra located in Eastern Siberia and Northern Canada, and the Sahara.

Researchers suggest returning small numbers of important species to some damaged areas. And this can be a move that could recover up to 20% of the world’s land to ecological untouched. The previous data, based on satellite images, estimated that 20-40% of the Earth’s surface is barely affected by humans. However, the scientists debate that forests, savannah, and tundra may seem untouched from above, but important species may be missed on the ground.

The new estimate connects maps of human habitat damage with maps telling where animals have disappeared from their original area or where there are also too few to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

It is widely recognized that the world is now in a biodiversity crisis, mainly due to the damage of animal natural habitats because of agriculture, manufacture, and building.

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