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5 Eco-Products for Dishwashing

Mar.10.2021 180 view review

The dishwashing sponge is considered one of the most contaminated items in the house. This is because it comes into contact with dirty dishes and food that has remained on it. Moreover, the sponge is in a humid environment, and due to this, bacteria don’t die and multiply quickly. The sponge also negatively affects the environment due to the fact that we often change it. So, what can we change? Especially for you, we have picked up several alternatives that you reuse and contribute to the environment.

  • Save your time and water- use the dishwasher. Of course, this is not exactly a replacement, but nevertheless, it is a more environmentally friendly way than washing dishes in the sink. In addition, you don’t need a sponge itself and you also save several tens of liters of water.
  • Lipa is known not only as a plant that is sold in every market but also as a perfect replacement for sponges. It dries quickly and is the most environmentally friendly to recycle. By the way, you can even grow it in your house.
  • Silicone cleaning wipes are an inexpensive and reusable solution to the ecology problem. In order to clean them after, you can simply wash or put them in the dishwasher. But it can take time to get used to this way of washing dishes, so it is not suitable for everyone.
  • In many shops that specialize in eco-lifestyle, you can find natural sponges that are biodegradable. They are made from natural materials such as recycled fibers or nutshells.
  • The cleaning brush made of wood is very handy and can be washed even in the dishwasher.
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