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A few advises on how to maintain a greener lifestyle

Apr.06.2020 246 view review
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Living a green life will become a question of survival soon. Today’s state of the environment nudges people to make their lifestyles greener. Ration, consumption habits, and everyday routine change rapidly.

Global problems can be fixed by implementing simple and effective steps if the majority of people will do it simultaneously.

Some of those steps will bring you joy but some of them you will find hard to implement into your daily life. But you must remember that changing a planet for the better depends on small deeds.

What shall I do for a greener lifestyle?

  • Switching to a bicycle will reduce air pollution and benefit your health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular events in a half. Production and supplying cars and public transport with spare parts and fuel requires enormous amounts of resources and affects the environment very badly.
  • All that you’re doing on paper you can do on your laptop or smartphone. Reduce your paper consumption by switching to email billing and reading magazines electronically.
  • Being a minimalist will enrich your lifestyle with rational sense and certainty in desires. Today’s world is oversaturated with useless and unnecessary products. You should buy only the things which you really need, avoiding irrational shopping and consumption. Minimalism can teach us a lot about rational consumption and environmentally-friendly choices.
  • You should use only reusable items if you want to help the planet to deal with the current plastic crisis. Disposable bags, coffee cups, cutlery, bottles, straws, food packaging, and many other things should be eliminated from your life. But don’t worry – there’s a lot of accessible eco-friendly alternatives on the market today.
  • Bring your food from home to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Ready-to-go lunches and fast-food are going with enormous quantities of paper and plastic packaging. The quality of such food is very poor. Homemade food will be the best option if you need to eat outside or at work. Homemade food is very nutritious and healthy and usage of reusable food containers and dining kits will save a lot of plastic and paper resources.
  • The fast fashion industry severely harms our planet. Tremendous amounts of toxins and carbon dioxide are emitted into the environment during the production and transporting of clothing items. Most of them will be found in the landfill after a few months of exploitation. Fast fashion items are low-quality products so if you want to maintain a green way of life you should buy only high-quality and durable clothes.
  • Buy local and fresh products. Each product has its carbon footprint and purchasing local products or products which were made at least in your country will significantly reduce the environmental impact of your consumption. It is much better to support local farmers and businesses than foreign corporations whose production is tremendously harming the environment.
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