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A few words about seafood and why we need to pay attention to fish

Apr.22.2020 387 view review
pay attention to fish

As it is known, the ocean’s biomass has decreased by 85 percent in the last hundred years. And many vegetarians don’t see any problem with eating seafood or fish. But they should. There are a few compelling reasons to reconsider such an attitude.

Sea creatures feel the pain

Sea creatures like lobsters and crabs are boiled alive. This process causes unimaginable suffering to them. And fishes feel the pain while being caught or trawled by fishermen. They have instincts and inner intents. Fish farms breed numerous quantities of fish in extremely closed and contaminated reservoirs. Such life goes against the natural state of these creatures.

Fish farms irrigate fish offspring with tremendous doses of antibiotics. But that doesn’t prevent widespread diseases. Parasites and worms damage the fish’s scale and cause constant suffering and pain. Long-term damage can cause putrefaction and death.

Usually fish die from suffocation in the farms or fishing nets. But deep-sea fish die from organ rupture. Usually, fishermen drag them to the surface to catch and this causes fatal pressure disorder.

Genetic mutations have led already to several disorders and disabilities among the species.

The carbon footprint of fishing and its ecological danger

Most of the fishing boats use trawls to catch fish. It’s a very effective method to fish but trawl nets catch all the living beings on their way. Sharks, turtles, endangered species, prawns, and even whales suffocate in them. Those are unnecessary victims. 85 percent of all living creatures in the oceans have been caught. Today’s state of hydrosphere should be called out loud as Mass Extinction.

Fishing boats started to fish in the most distant corners of the Earth due to the shortage of fish number in the oceans. This industry requires huge amounts of fuel and human resources.

We need to reject the consumption of seafood to save what’s left of the ocean’s life. Fishes shouldn’t be separated from land animals like cows, pigs, or chickens. They’re decent creatures and such a consumption attitude is inhumane and inappropriate.

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