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A man was shot trying to save a rare parrot

Mar.23.2021 128 view review
yellow-eared parrot

On the morning of January 2015, Gonzalo Cardona Molina went to the habitat of the rare Yellow-eared parrot. The man had spent nearly two decades raising this long-extinct bird and now this species numbered thousands. He was the protector and caretaker of the wild reservation located in South America. But the preserve was close to one of the most famous drug routes in Colombia.

A week ago, a group of searchers found Gonzalo’s body already buried and with two bullets in his chest. The authorities regard this as another murder of activists by some armed groups. “Environmentalists are working in areas where there is a fight for territory and are becoming a barrier. The number of threats and attacks has also increased”- government officials say.

In the country which is one of the most biologically diverse, environmentalists are attacked for their efforts to save habitats that are also used by drug traffickers. “People who protect nature are constantly watching it. And this is inconvenient for armed groups”- it was added.

Attacks on environmentalists should not only occur in Colombia or anywhere else but also not on people like Gonzalo, who gave everything he had to nature. The man did difficult work and left an important legacy after his passing away. For 20 years he managed to save the Yellow-eared parrot. He also traveled to neighboring cities teaching children in schools about the importance of protecting the birds and palms they inhabit. “He loved birds and nature itself more than his life”- pronounced Kelly Rojas, his 36-year-old daughter.

He ran the parrot preserve for 15 years, preserving 12,300 acres of habitat. In one of the districts, the number of Yellow-eared parrots increased from 100 to 2900 individuals. Researchers even credited Cardona with saving the species.

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