Green is CoolNatureA meteorite that fell in the UK could contain elements of life

A meteorite that fell in the UK could contain elements of life

Mar.09.2021 155 view review

The unusual meteorite that lit up the entire sky over the United Kingdom on February 28th is very valuable- scientists concluded. Researchers have discovered fragments that may provide answers to still unsolved questions about the history of the solar system and life on Earth in general.

Scientists managed to collect 300 grams of a meteorite, and then they stated that this rock was formed from a substance that is one of the most primitive and untouched materials. But besides that, it also contains organic substances- ingredients for life. Moreover, the parts of the meteorite were recovered in good condition and immediately after its fall, thanks to which both quality and quantity were successfully preserved.

According to the recent data, now there are about 65,000 meteorites on Earth that are known to scientists. But unfortunately, the fall was recorded only 1206 of them. The meteorite shaped of a fireball was noticed thanks to home video cameras. These shots which were posted on social media helped to determine the location of the meteorite and its exact place in the solar system.

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