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About the Nutria – The Largest Rodent of North America

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the largest rodent of North and South America

Human activity has affected all the Earth’s ecospheres and is present everywhere. Humans cultivate lands, build bridges, dig through the mountains, build dams, and mine the landscape. And everywhere there’s a controversy between natural inhabitants and humans.

Since humans deprive the animals of their habitats, conflicts are imminent. Animals don’t think that our buildings and constructions should be there. That’s why numerous rodents and pests always complicate cropping, land harvesting, and other activities and cause aggressive responsive actions from the side of the humans.

The largest rodent of North and South America


They harm both North America’s ecosystem and human construction a lot. Its name is nutria. Swamp rat, coypu, nutria – these names characterize one rodent – a giant rat that reaches ten kilos and lives mostly underwater.

Nutrias could be easily mistaken for beaver, otter, or muskrat, but none of these animals have caused so many troubles for longshoremen and farmers as nutrias have done. Since nutrias are rodents, they gnaw everything they see.

Native to South America, nutrias had spread across North America and Europe through the fur trading companies and breeders. Their population grows rapidly because they are very plentiful and fertile, just like the rats. Despite the current environmental crisis, it seems like nutrias have found their niche in the world’s ecosystem.

Aquatic animals

current environmental crisis

Nutrias are aquatic animals that live near freshwater water bodies. Their presence damages the ecosystem of North America and Europe a lot because they are not native to these regions. Nutrias gnaw trees, dig through the shorelines of water bodies, gnaw and damage human buildings such as docks, berths, barnes, and many others. They need a lot of food so flora suffers the most.

Nutrias aren’t picky when it comes to food. Tree trunks, shoots, sprouts, mushrooms, and other elements of the flora ecosystem are being destroyed by the livestock of nutrias. Nutrias can dig. They gnaw roots, often causing fatal damage to trees and other plants.

Although they’re considered pests, many people domesticate nutria because these creatures are quite empathic to humans. It is not a decorative animal and people exploit nutria for many purposes. Fur producers value nutria fur a lot and nutrias are bred for meat worldwide.

The exploitation of nutrias had caused the existing environmental problem

 exploitation of nutrias

Unlimited and unregulated exploitation of nutrias had caused the existing environmental problem. These animals want to find their place in the Earth’s ecosystem and although they bring a lot of harm, they’re a full living species that needs an equitable attitude.

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