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Imagine if someone came and destroyed your home, they bashed down the foundation, broke down the walls, and ultimately made your place of comfort a non-livable piece of land. Not only would this leave you feeling violated and distressed, but also means the one safe space that was yours is now gone. This is exactly what is happening to all of our homes and the homes of the many species of flora, fauna, wildlife, and marine life. And why you may ask, the answer is simple it is because of us, we are entirely destroying the one and only home we have; mother earth.

Green Is Cool is a blog site that aims not only to bring awareness about the pressing issues our environment is facing, but all act as a tool to counteract the problem. We believe that sharing our concerns as well as educating others is the first step in recovering the natural beauty and nurturing quality that our planet has to offer.

As many of the issues such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution are merely products of our actions that are not always directed felt, and sensed by human beings. We think that reading, learning, and understanding factual information is a way in which we can grow to move forward and create positive change.

By creating a global reaching platform, we have enabled people to have access to information about many of the pressing environmental issues that concern them and ultimately depict their future on our planet. Although we cannot change these effects alone, we have begun to understand that many small actions taken by individuals can lead to greater change.

The truth is that in this one aspect of life we are all in the same boat, we are all affected by the same problems, and all risk living in a future of destruction. Whether you’re sitting on the beach in Sydney, Australia, or hiking in the freezing cold mountains of Nepal, you are still affected, and we cannot tackle any of the problems we are facing without knowing what they are and how and why they are indirectly affecting us as human beings.

At the end of the day, everything we do, see, and believe is done by our own choices. We aim to give you the choice to read, learn, understand and change in order to unite for a better and brighter future in the home we all share.

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