Green is CoolNatureAccording to new research, primates appeared almost after dinosaurs became extinct

According to new research, primates appeared almost after dinosaurs became extinct

Mar.02.2021 193 view review

Lately, scientists have discovered some fossils in the form of bones and teeth of the most ancient primates- Purgatorius found in the steam formation in Montana. These animals appeared about 65.9 million years ago and lived 105,000-139,000 years after the giant asteroid destroyed most of the plants and animals on planet Earth.

This is a very important event and valuable research as it showed that the date of appearance of the earliest primates is different. In addition, scientists have discovered a great variety of species- added a professor of anthropology. Moreover, a lot of time and effort was spent on this work: a team of geologists was able to determine the age of Purgatoris and determine where and how they appeared.

The team also received help from their colleagues from museums and landowners, who kindly provided land for the work. In general, Purgatorius was one of the first mammals to appear almost after the catastrophe that destroyed the dinosaurs. Since they spent most part of their time living on the trees and thanks to the sharp teeth eating fruits and insects, this allowed them to survive in those conditions.

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