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Everything You Need to Know about the Advantages of Using Hydropower Energy

Apr.16.2021 264 view review
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As we continue to move into a global era of sustainability so do the resources that we use and the way we use them. Apart from saving the environment, burning fewer fossil fuels, and replacing plastic, alternative forms of energy are also the reason for the positive environmental impact that comes with them. One example of alternate energy is hydropower which uses the natural source of flowing water to generate electricity. There are many advantages of using hydropower which has proven to not only be more sustainable but also extremely environmentally friendly and beneficial for our planet and life on Earth.


Before we can really dive into the many benefits and advantages of hydropower, let’s talk a little bit about what it is and how it works. Hydropower works by using renewable sources of water, flowing water from rivers, lakes, or streams in particular. This flowing water is then captured, turning a turbine which eventually generates electricity that then powers our electronics. Nowadays many people, businesses, and factories have switched to hydropower energy as a way to cut costs on their utility bills, help save the environment and create a more sustainable solution to their overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.


advantages of hydropower

Whilst there are many advantages of hydropower energy both for the environment, the economical sector, and the health of the planet and its inhabitants, there are 3 advantages of hydropower that stand above the rest, these include :


Number one on the hydropower advantages list has to be the fact that it is a renewable source of energy. This is because it is powered by water, which is a never-ending natural source that replenishes itself in a recurring manner. The fact that water is what creates the energy also means that no pollution is emitted during this process and is not considered a greenhouse gas, making it a completely renewable source that we cannot run out of.

Low Emissions

Another huge pro to hydropower energy is the fact that it does not emit any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during the generating process, meaning it is not a contributor to global warming and climate change, completely contradictory to the other non-renewable sources we have used in the past such as coal and natural gas.


Reliability when it comes to a source of energy is key in making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Hydropower is an extremely reliable source of energy as water flow is very predictable and the output of electricity produced can easily be adjusted according to how little or how much water flow is available.


advantages of hydropower energy

Apart from these three major hydropower energy advantages, there are some others that make hydropower an even more attractive source of energy for our future. The advantages of hydropower also include :


The adjustment ability of hydropower allows the amount of energy produced to be controlled for either creating more or less according to wa=hat is needed in order to not create any waste.

Creates lakes

The creation of lakes through the hydropower process can help certain destinations attract tourists and help improve the overall economy.

Helps land develop faster

Because of how easy it is to create hydro dams, they can be built in cities, communities, and towns to help improve the quality of life and faster development of land.


Using and creating hydropower is not only renewable and reliable but also extremely safe with no risks of explosions and leaks as seen in other forms of energy sources such as coal and oil.

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