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African Elephants Massively Fall Away Without Any Cause

Aug.14.2020 289 view review
elephants are in danger

Loxodonta Africana, or the African bush elephant, that could reach the height of four meters, experiences hard times. In recent months more than three hundred and fifty animals have been found dead and no one knows why.

Some people claim that they died of the disease, some think that those elephants were killed by the poachers. But these theories are nothing but guesses because evidence proves that the real reasons have nothing to do with those presumptions. Also, the local population had noted the unusual behavior of the fallen elephants.

The country of Botswana, where these occasions have occurred, is considered as the safest and the most suitable place for African elephants. Their population reaches one hundred and thirty-five thousand species and there were no worrisome signs that something could harm those animals. But something had done it.

There are two possible reasons for such a rapid reduction of the Loxodonta Africana population

elephants are under a big danger
  • The first one is poachers, but one certain fact denies this presumption. Fallen elephants hadn’t lost any body parts such as tusks or trunks which are very valued by poachers. Also, poachers don’t kill such big numbers of elephants in such a short time because this can cause a rapid and aggressive response from the side of the country’s government.
  • The second possible reason hides in unknown or known disease. Some scientists think that anthrax could be the possible reason for recent events. But again, there’s no damaged skin or ulcers on the dead elephants. Also, fallen elephants have been found with their faces down which means that death was instantaneous.

Samples were sent out for further studying, in order to find the answer – why those majestic and mighty animals die out so fast and for no visible reasons. It is necessary to find this out because if it is a disease, it could be dangerous for humans also. Elephants are in a big danger already and this new threat could worsen the existing situation even more.

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