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The African savanna is home to an entire ecosystem in which thousands of different species of animals live and have adapted to its specific conditions. Animals in African savanna survive in a climate that is tropical, with warm temperatures all year round and heavy rainfall during the summer months. Its extreme heat makes it difficult for animals that live in the African savanna, however, they have adaptations that allow them to easily access resources and create a sustainable and livable habitat that serves a huge purpose to the wild and the world in general.


what type of animals live in the african savanna

The savanna is home to a huge variety and diversity of different animals from some of the biggest and greatest like elephants and giraffes to smaller ones like weavers and starlings yet all equally important to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Animals in the African savanna include Zebras that can be seen roaming around with their beautiful black and white striped coats, they are most often seen in groups and feed predominantly on fresh grass.

african savanna animals adaptations

Another animal that can be found in the African savanna is the the all mighty big and powerful lions. This beautiful beast takes the top of the kingdom of all African savanna animals, they are extremely powerful and hunt and kill large animals for food and stick together in groups making many animals their prey.


African tropical savanna animals rely a lot on the makeup of their food chain, made up of producers, consumers, prey, predators, scavengers and decomposes means that there is a large and diverse makeup of animal species that feed off of each other and this is imperative to survival and the continuity of the ecosystem’s cycle. So you’ll find animals from each category from carnivores like lions, leopards, and hyenas, herbivores like deer and impalas, producers such as grass, scavengers such as vultures and … and decompress that include fungi and bacteria. Within all these categories lies many different food chains that all intertwine for a perfectly working ecosystem that provides enough and sufficient energy to all inhabitants.


what animals live in the african savanna

Animals that live in the savanna have many adaptations that allow them to survive in the biomes particular type of climate and weather .the savanna has many continuous months without any rainfall at all and together with the high temperatures creates very dry land. This dryness means that there is often a lack of water and thus animals have adapted to this by either migrating as a group to an alternative more water-rich area. Some animals also hibernate during these seasons to avoid competing with other animals for water. Grazing and camouflage go hand in hand as often herbivores like zebra and giraffes will be found feeding on large patches of grass and protect themselves from possibly being hunted by using camouflage. Small animals also dig holes and hide underground to protect themselves from larger animals and nocturnal animals feed during the night.


Animals of the African savanna also include

  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Ostrich
  • Cheetahs
  • Rhinos
  • Hyenas
  • Wildebeest
  • Emus
  • Antelopes

These are just a few of the species that can be found in the African Savanna and they all play an important role in the makeup of a working ecosystem.


The African savanna holds the most biodiversity in all savannas in the world. Animals have learned to survive and adapt to both the wet season and the dry season found within the savanna.

Hoofed animals such as ungulates have extremely long legs and hooves on their feet which is what allows them to run at fast rates to void being attack by their many predators. They can be found in huge groups, hundreds of them at a time to stand a better chance against being hunted.

The African Savanna is also home to many species of snakes. The African python is one of the most amazing animals found in the Savanna as it is not poisonous at all but consume large prey at a time and uses the rocks in the region as a tool to help strangle and constrict animals. This means that the snake actually only needs to eat once a year as the size of prey they are able to catch will last them all the way through.

Many animals in the African Savanna choose to migrate during the dry season, this is because there is no rainfall meaning lakes are dried up and grass does not grow. They leave in huge packs to seek a better place for finding resources like food and water yet they always return once the wet season begins.

animals in the african savanna

There are around 500 different species of birds that live in the African savanna, these include the largest one in the world, the ostrich. The Grey-crowned crane can also be found and if you take a trip you are most likely to see a few. Other birds such as the African fish eagle, Marabou stalk, and lilac-breasted roller can also be found. Birds of all different shapes, sizes, and colors can be seen up in trees or soaring over the African Savanna.

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