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Agriculture Sector Will Be Able to Feed Only Eight Hundred Million More People Due to The Lack of Water Resources

May.21.2020 274 view review
lack of water resources

Water is the most important natural resource which we have. Life is possible only where there’s water but humanity takes for granted this irreplaceable resource without any thoughts that someday water can run out.

The agricultural sector provides crops and food for all mankind and cattle. But agricultural lands and food crops require vast amounts of fresh water for hydration and irrigation.

Water resources are limited and this question started to bother scientists a long time ago. Freshwater resources can’t last forever given the population growth and agricultural sector demands.

Scientists from the California University in Berkley conducted a study that claims that the existing agricultural lands will be able to feed only eight hundred million more people due to the lack of water resources.

The existing agricultural sector occupies forty percent of the land and there are no vast areas to enhance it. But the growing population needs to be fed and the only way to make the existing agricultural sector more productive is to increase irrigation efficiency.

Scientists from the California University analyzed the existing one hundred and thirty agricultural zones to find out that only a fifth of them is fully irrigated.

Farmers and scientists have faced a dilemma. Agricultural land needs to be well and fully irrigated to produce more food but the freshwater resources are running out rapidly. Agricultural land expansion is impossible due to the lack of feral lands and the harm which cultivation of the wild lands is causing to ecology.

But the scientists came up with the solution. The existing methods of the land’s irrigation and water supply are outdated so the correct way to increase the agricultural sector efficiency will be the introduction of new hydrating systems and recovery of old cultivated lands.

Implementation of new and modern irrigation systems and building reservoirs could help the farmers to grow more food crops by using less fresh water.

Freshwater reservoirs need to be built in Asian, African, and South American agricultural sectors because these agricultural areas suffer the most from the lack of freshwater resources.

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