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All About The Animal That Always Smiles And Why It Brings So Much Joy And Laughter

Apr.12.2021 163 view review
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Animals are beautiful creatures that roam our planet, however, we never tend to look at animals’ facial expressions or the fact that they could be a really happy animal or a really sad animal. Animals with big smiles are bringing joy to children, parents, and even grandparents all over the world. Here are some animals you can expect to see smiling as they go along their day.

The Animal That Always Smiles

There are many animals that have different facial expressions, some are almost permanent and others are more similar to us in the way they change according to their mood. One of the cutest and always smiling animals is the Quokka. The Quokka is a distant cousin of the kangaroos and can be seen hopping along with a baby in their pouch and smiling when as they are generally really excited animals. The Quokka can be seen amongst thick grass and vegetation as the mammal’s search for food. Quokkas are native to Australia and live close to fresh water and swamps, they can be hard to find but spotting them is a great and fun activity that the whole family can get involved in.

The best part about the Quokka is that they aren’t afraid of people and when they see you they tend to hop right up to your feet and grin from ear to ear. They are considered to be the world’s happiest animals and continue to have a smile all year round. This really excited animal may not be smiling because of happiness but actually because they are really hot, as smiley is an evolutionary feature that helps them to cool off.

Quokka Animal Facts

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They are nocturnal

Yes, these really happy animals actually prefer to sleep during the day and awaken at night as a way to avoid Austraillias scolding heat.

They are an Instagram trend

The cute smile that Quakkas portray has become an Instagram sensation, as many people have uploaded selfies where you can see the Quakkas cheeky little smile. If you want to grab a snapshot too, post it with the global hashtag #quokkaselfie.

They live on an island

Quokkas live on an island known as Rottnest Island where there are around ten thousand Quokkas roaming around.

You should feed them

With the Quokkas cheeky grin smiling up at you, it may seem almost impossible to avoid giving them a little snack. However human food is actually extremely dangerous for these little creatures and can actually malnourish them.

They come from the kangaroo family

Quokkas actually come from the kangaroo and wallaby family and even have some distinct similarities including the fact that they hop around and carry their little furry babies known as Joeys in their pouch.

As you can see these tiny little creatures are big smile animals and are known as the world’s happiest animals and can be seen smiling from ear to ear all day long with a cheeky little grin. Not only are they cute but they are a hit sensation in the modern world where they have flooded Instagram as well as other digital social platforms where they are paused for their infectious smile.

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