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What Are Trash Bags Made of? The Best Trash Bags for the Environment

Aug.20.2021 186 view review
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The introduction of plastic in our daily lives has been something that has been contributing to the destruction of the planet for many years now and is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the land, water, and air. However, as we have moved into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future so has our plastic use begun to decrease. Through witnessing the devastating effects of both climate change and global warming, coming up with alternatives to plastic has been a number one priority for many activists.

One element that we often almost forget about is our bin bags, yes those are plastic too and most often land up in our landfills, natural habitats, and oceans. Luckily there is a solution to this ever-growing issue and that is the introduction of eco-friendly trash bags, bin bags that are created from either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable materials making them a much better solution for the planet and our individual carbon footprints.

What Are Trash Bags Made of, and Why Are They Polluting Our Planet?

There is a reason that we have had to come up with so much trash bag alternatives, and that has a lot to do with the overuse of plastic as a whole, as well as the environmental impact of such overuse. Traditional trash bags are made from a substance known as polyethylene, which is a light plastic that is both flexible and strong. The problem with this and with any one-time-use plastic is that these plastics break down into microplastics which eventually contaminate our oceans, causing harm to marine animals and disruption to our food supply.

Environmentally Friendly Garbage Bags

As a way to combat the damage already caused by the large scale that we as a globe use plastic trash bags, many types of eco-friendly garbage bags have been created with an attempt of replacing one-time-use plastic on a large and global scale. In many situations, most people forget they are even using plastic in their trash all, but now let’s say you’re recycling but all your products are going into a plastic trash bag, the purpose is then completely defeated right? Green trash bags are classified as environmentally friendly due to the material it is made out of, the resources used to make it as well as the transportation methods involved. So you bring more awareness about the negative impacts of plastic trash bags, here are some of the best eco-safe bags that you could use as a replacement.

The Alternative to Plastic Trash Bags

Non-plastic trash bags are separated into different categories depending on the end goal of where that bag will land up as well as the materials and resources used to make it.

  1. Biodegradable trash bagsBiodegradable garbage bags are often made from plant-based or recyclable materials and need to be certified in order to be officially named a biodegradable bin liner or trash bag. Hence, the name,the aim of creating a biodegradable trash bag is so that it can biodegrade, thus the materials and resources used are biodegradable, meaning they will decom[ose and sink into the soil over a period of time, without causing any harm or destruction throughout the process.
  1. Compostable trash bagsThe next form of eco-friendly plastic trash bags are compostable bags. Compostable means that they are able to decompose into the soil and act like a rich fertilizer. For people who have compost gardens and take on a near to zero waste approach, then finding the perfect compostable bag for your bin is the ideal option for you. Compostable bin bags are often made from vegetable matter such as potato and corn starch, which will then fully break down with its contents.

Compostable vs. Biodegradable Bin Bags

Compostable vs. Biodegradable Bin Bags

Before we get into your other plant-based plastic bags options let’s get one thing clear, although they may sound like the same thing there is a vast difference between what a biodegradable trash bag is and what a compostable trash bag is, this is important to know before picking out which one would be most suitable to you. The difference is pretty simple to understand biodegradable trash can liners are often still plastic bags but have added microorganisms that help to fully break down the plastic, however, this may still take many years to happen. Compostable is different in the sense that they contain absolutely zero plastic whatsoever and will thus break down organically into any composting system and use microbial activity to form a compost or fertilizer.

The Best Trash Bags for the Environment

Now that you know a little bit more about what environmentally friendly waste disposal bags are you may be wondering where to buy compostable waste bags and which are the best options to choose from. Nowadays, we have a large supply of different brands coming out with new and improved sustainable trash bags and the task of choosing the best one can be slightly overwhelming. To make your decision a little easier, here are some of the best eco-friendly trash bag options for you to choose from :



BioBags are one of the most recommended versions of eco-friendly trash bags to date. They are compostable-friendly trash bags that are nicely broken down into the soil by the addition of microorganisms. This trash bag is also a high-quality and strong solution, meaning you won’t have to worry about leakages and spillages when carrying it from one location to another. They come in a variety of different sizes and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor bins. BioBags also have their own biodegradable yard waste bags that are perfect for your outdoor garden waste and specifically designed for their contents. These bags are made from vegetable oils, compostable polymers, and plant starches that are ethically sourced from GMO-free renewable crops in Italy.

STOUT – by Envisons EcoSafe

STOUT - by Envisons EcoSafe

Envision EcoSafe’s latest recyclable trash bags are no joke. They are both fully compostable and BPI certified and better yet widely available at almost every supermarket throughout the United States. These bags also come in multiple capacities and have been proven to fully decompose in a matter of 10-45 days.

Reli. – Compostable Trash Bags

Reli. - Compostable Trash Bags

Another brand making moves in the environmentally friendly industry has created some brilliant wastebasket bags which are both ethically made and sourced as well as affordable. Their biodegradable bags break down in response to heat, oxidation, and sunlight and are considered to be 100 percent compostable too.

Primode – Compostable Trash Bags

Primode - Compostable Trash Bags

Primodes organic garbage bags are one that can easily become a household staple. They are specifically designed for kitchen waste and thus are a slighter smaller size and density but double the strength of many of the other compostable bags available. They are perfect if you have a large family and find yourself clearing the bin bags on a daily as they have a brilliant hold and are made from natural ingredients that are 100 percent compostable.

Garden V Pro

Finding black environmentally friendly trash bags is no easy feat, they are rarely available and often contain color additives and toxins that could potentially be harmful to the environment. However, Garden V pro’s black bin bags are the number one on the market today, they are 100 percent biodegradable and are perfect if you live in an area that only allows for black bins bags. They are made from plant-derived resin, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers that are both durable and thick, and odor-free too.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is such a large range of different environmentally friendly trash bag options that you are bound to find the perfect one that works for both you and your household preferences. There is a large difference between a plastic trash bag and a recyclable trash bag, and making that small difference within your own personal life can have a big impact on the environment and the state of our planet as a whole.

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