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Aluminum Foil Can Be Used to Produce Eco-friendly Fuel

May.11.2020 283 view review
eco-friendly fuel production

A fundamentally new approach can be used to produce eco-friendly fuel out of used aluminum foil. This method will allow manufacturers to fully recycle the used aluminum foil to produce cheap and eco-friendly fuel.

This approach has endless potential because twenty thousand metric tons of aluminum foil are dumped only in the UK annually. It is enough to build a bridge to the Moon and back.

Although aluminum foil is one of the most dangerous types of domestic waste it was never properly recycled. The reason for such an attitude lies in the foil itself.

Dumped foil consists of a lot of fatcs which harm the recycling machinery and disable it. So the recycling of aluminum foil was never truly successful.

But the scientists from Queen’s University have found a way to use disposable aluminum foil. Engineers have found a way to turn the aluminum into crystals under the prolonged exposure to acid solutions.

These crystals can be used to produce aluminum oxide which will generate completely safe and environmentally-friendly biofuel. Commercial aluminum catalysts cost four hundred dollars now but the new approach will allow to generate this substance at a third of that price.

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