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The amazon is the worlds biggest rainforest containing thousands upon thousands of Earth’s biodiversity, home to many varieties of animal species, plants, and even indigenous people. It is one of the most important natural habitats of the world and provides recourses for many countries near and far. There are so many different types of plants that live in the Amazon rainforest even we have not discovered the all. Flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees grow and thrive in abundance within this beautiful tropical rainforest. The amazon rainforest plants make up for most of the plant species that can be found in the entire world, they are in fact treasures in our modern world and their entire self-made ecosystem should not be touched, changed, or destroyed even for the betterment of ourselves.


plants in the amazon rainforest list

Plants in the amazon rainforest range from some of the largest trees in the world to some of the smallest vines and flowers, plants that live by the river, plants that live in the heart of the rainforest, plants that grow to enormous heights, and plants that live right above the ground. The diversity of the amazon plants is what keeps it alive and thriving and in turn, keeps our world alive and thriving. Some amazon plants include the Brazil Nut Tree, these monstrously big trees grow to huge heights, making it one of the largest trees to exist in the Amazon, they produce thousands of Brazil Nuts each year, allowing only specific animals to enjoy their nut by having the ability to crack open its very hard shell, it’s a true testament of the beauty of Amazonia. Types of plants in the Amazon rainforest also include some of the most vibrant colored and unique plant species in the world. Hot lips are a plant with a lip lick shape hence the name, they produce bright red flowers that look like colored leaves as they are flat in shape, they are huge attractors for bees and hummingbirds and help with the pollination of plants.


There are about sixteen thousand different types of tree species that grow in the Amazon, covering every corner of the remainder of the Amazon they are what keep the entire ecosystem alive. Here are just a few of what can be found.


The Kapok Tree is one of the largest in the rainforest, with thick and wide trunks and heights reaching over two hundred feet, they stand as homes for many different types of animal species that live amongst their branches and holes and cracks in their spine. Birds, frogs, and many others use the resources of these trees as survival mechanisms, safe spaces, and food collection and storage.


plants that live in the amazon rainforest

The ipê tree species in complete contrast to the big fatherly Kapok is a blossom tree, thin in size yet extremely tall is covered in beautiful little pink flowers, covering its entire top surface. Even within its delicate-looking beauty, it is one of the strongest trees that can be found in the amazon rainforest, made from a very hard would, it stands strong and fights any attack from fungi and insects with ease.


These are one of the more well-known types of tree species and they have been around or centuries, it is the largest producer of rubber in the world. It producers thousands of little seed pods that shoot far away, spreading all around the rainforest which provides mini stable habitats for insects and smaller animals.


Amazonian flowers are beyond fascinating as well as breathtaking eye-catching in the uniqueness of the different colors and shapes.


Also known as the “Lobster Claw”, these beautiful flowers are bright red in color and can be seen in many different shape forms. They are plants that grow long ways and can get up to fifteen feet tall. They are one of the most important flower species in the rainforest as they are responsible for a large part of the plant pollination process. Thriving off of humid, warm conditions they grow all around the Amazon.


A flower that most of us know and have seen is the orchid. its beauty, structure, and self-sufficiency are what makes the flower attractive. They are easily adaptable in nature and thus have grown into around 30 000 different types of species, forming in many different colors and shapes. The orchid is maintained easily but needs the help of nature’s insects for pollination and in turn survival. In order to keep these global known beautiful flowers alive, we need to conserve the life of even the tiniest of insects that live in the rainforest. These are also one of the most endangered plants in the amazon rainforest, with many species already extinct we need to act now in order to save what is left.


amazon rainforest trees

It’s hard to know the exact number of plants that can be found in the Amazon as there are so many but as research has suggested there are about 80,000 different plant species. In which more than half of these are essential for the world’s water cycle and climate maintenance. They are what keep the world going around, allowing us to use the resources they produce.


what kind of plants are in the amazon rainforest

We have discussed a few of the plants found in the amazon but here are a few more of what kind of plants are in the amazon rainforest.

  • Giant Water Lilly
  • Cacao
  • Coffee Plant
  • Banana Tree
  • Trumpet Tree
  • Castor Bean ( The shrub is one of the most dangerous plants in the amazon rainforest, containing one of the most deadly poisons known to man )

The amazon rainforest is the worlds biggest natural resource and we have taken complete advantage of it, already destroying more than half, our actions need to change in order to conserve what remains for without it we would not be able to survive in the world either.

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