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Amazon rainforest deforestation

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Deforestation in the Amazon is the biggest in the world and is currently suffering from entering an ecological that is irreversible. Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and is a home for thousands of species as well as the biggest river and water source for all of the brazil and is an astronomically important feature of our world and its agriculture. Rainforest Brazil known as the Amazon has been experiencing tropical deforestation for many years and with a massive increase, Brazil is responsible for more than half of the deforestation in the Amazon. Deforestation of the amazon is largely caused by the addition of new buildings, infrastructure growth, and an influx of main roads being build causing destruction and extremely high amounts of pollution.

Causes of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest

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For most of the history of deforestation in Brazil, predominantly the rainforest deforestation of the Amazon has been due to the farmers using its resources by cutting down copious amounts of trees in order to produce crops to feed their families and those who are local to them. But as we have evolved this has changed drastically and deforestation Amazon rainforest is largely an effect of the industrial industry where they are using the resources for large agriculture creation, clearing 3 quarters of the Amazon by the 2000s. These factors are all human impacts on the rainforest, they are not occurring naturally and theses modernized actions are having an extremely drastic effect on the Amazon and the importance of all the resources it holds are slowly yet very quickly slipping away in a way we can never get them back.

How much of the Amazon rainforest is left?


The amazon is a treasure on our planet, it is a natural and biological value of resources our planet desperately needs. The Amazon used to consume fourteen percent of the entire Earth’s land surface and now is just a mere six percent which is a huge decline that we cannot rebuild and thus at this rate we could lose the entire forest if we do not change our actions. Not only are we destroying the land and chopping down trees that we see as useless space but we are destroying the homes of thousands of species that live within the Amazon as well as the all-important Amazon river. Close to half of the world’s species of animals, plants, and microorganisms are under immense stress and will not exist due to rainforest deforestation. The human use of bulldozers and man-made fires for maximum clearance as well as the impact of farming is killing the life of the Amazon. And not only are we destroying land, resources, and species but people too. The Amazon rainforest was once a home for millions of indigenous tribes, who’s home, the Amazon is getting destroyed and thus there are now only a couple of hundred thousand left. Brazil itself is the largest contributor to this destruction but has recently attempted to try and save what remains although this mass wreckage can never be replaced.

How to help the Amazon Rainforest?

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There are many newly developed platforms aimed to help save the remainder of the rainforest from suffering complete and utter total destruction to the point where the biggest resource provider for the world no longer exists. One of the biggest problems the Amazon is facing is that of fires, the fires are created purposely to enable an easier and more efficient way of chopping down trees to create space for more industrial style structures. Many countries are fueling this destruction so it’s of importance you check with your government to see whether they are a part of it, if so speak up spread the word, stand up for the rights of the people, the species, and nature. You can also donate to this cause as the more final support the Amazon receives the easier it will be for them to put a stop to what is happening and or save the lives of those battling to stay alive within the forest itself. Educating yourself is also really important in truly understanding the ways in which you can help, there are many organizations in support of this change, and the more people on board with the idea, the easier it will be to make a change.

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The Amazon is such an important and crucial part of our existence on this Earth, it is the core creator of many of the foods we eat, the water we drink and the medications we consume, without it we will face many more devastating issues.

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