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«And We Go Green» Film About Electric Car Racing Was Produced by Famous Hollywood Actor and Environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio

Jun.23.2020 218 view review
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Leonardo DiCaprio has produced a film about the first electric car racing company «Formula E».

«And We Go Green» film was released last year gaining popularity and positive reviews from the critics. «And We Go Green» is the first film that was fully dedicated to electric cars and had attracted public attention to the electric cars’ industry.

«Formula E»

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This film tells a story about «Formula E» racing class which holds and organizes electric world-class level car racing. Film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom in the lead roles.

Car racing was held for internal combustion engine cars only but now «Formula E» racing class has raised car racing to a whole new level. «Formula E» is a pioneer who wants to promote awareness-raising among masses about the environmental impact which fossil fueled transport causes to our planet.

«Formula E» hopes to inspire future generations and other people by showing them that impressive, luxury and spectacular car racing could be held with the use of electric cars. And can be hold at the same level.

Benefits of electric car racing

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Electric car racing could be the future of car racing due to the lack and reducing amount of fossil fuels resources. Electric car racing doesn’t pollute the air, environment and doesn’t produce such deafening sounds as «Formula 1» and other racing classes do.

«Formula E» could be held within city limits and attract much more spectators than regular car races do. Electric cars’ market share has grown twice since last year but still internal combustion engine cars constitute an absolute majority of all light vehicles. Although Electric cars gain their popularity, the results are not so good, because only two percent of all light vehicles are run on electric power.

Leonardo DiCaprio is well-known for his environmental activism and his work on «And We Go Green» film production will help to raise society’s awareness about the environmental crisis and the ways how we can replace old, environmentally-dangerous spheres of our everyday life with modern, eco-friendly ways. It is time to think about the style of our life and the future, let’s save our planet.

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