Green is CoolTechnologyAquaman releases “aqua” shoes made of algae

Aquaman releases “aqua” shoes made of algae

Mar.09.2021 207 view review
jason momoa

Recently, Jason Momoa, also known as the superhero Aquaman, presented unusual sneakers entirely made from natural materials. He announced this on his Instagram page.

The new footwear was launched in partnership with the climbing brand SO iLL. By the way, the actor loves climbing and has collaborated with this brand producing not only vegan shoes but also bags and even mask which became so popular now. All that was done without the use of leather or other animal materials. This limited edition is already available for pre-order and includes 2 models in a purple color that are made from sustainable materials.

The algae are supplied by the BLOOM company, which uses the technology of collecting algae and processing them into useful material. Due to the fact that algae can be harmful because it reduces oxygen levels in the water and interferes with sunlight, their utilization reduces water pollution.

In 2019, he turned to the UN and claimed that humanity is not doing enough to solve the problem of the climate crisis. Then he added that we are a disease itself that infects our planet. In the same year, he shaved off his beard thanks to which he was always recognized. In the video, he asked to use less plastic and apply recycled materials instead.

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