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are candles toxic to breathe


We all love a candle, a beautiful smelling aroma that creates light and a smell of your choice, they are often associated with relaxation, meditation, and often religious traditions too. But are candles toxic ? or perhaps more toxic than what they have led us to believe. In this article, I’m going to be answering all your candle health and safety questions and exactly what they may be doing under the surface. But first things first let’s discuss exactly what is used to make the candles we all know and love.


When purchasing candles we often just lift them up, open the lid and take a big breathe to smell whether the scent is suitable for us or not, but how many of us actually think to check what ingredients have gone into the making of that candle and ask ourselves are candles especially scented candles toxic? of course, we all know that candles are made from wax, this wax is most commonly known as paraffin wax but can also come in forms made from beeswax, soy wax, or even palm wax. The little wick that created the burning of candles was found to contain lead back in the day however this is toxic and thus has been banned from use. The common wax used to make candles, paraffin wax is made from petroleum which is a by-product of gasoline which in fact can be potentially dangerous for one health. scented candles in particular also contain an excess chemical which allows them to release a specific scent, theses are often organic compounds that can be triggering for health issues.


candles and asthma

Now we understand the ingredients that are found in the candle we see on the shelves but the biggest question still remain, are candles toxic to breathe? well in fact there have been many studies that prove both sides of the argument and often result in dependence on each individual and their sensitivity or underlying health issues. When you burn a candle organic compounds are released into the air which is known as particulate matter. This matter releases extremely tiny little particles that enter your lungs. Now, this exposure is not considered to be dangerous unless the exposure is in large quantities and for an extended period of time. However, if you use and light your candles in a room with correct ventilation, such as a vent or an open window this shouldn’t cause any harm at all.


Are candles bad for your lungs and can they cause asthma? this is where the smoke released from the burning of candles comes into play. As it stands inhaling too much of any form of smoke can be damaging to your health and increase the reaction of asthma especially for those previously suffering. The product released from the smoke of candles similar to the same product released by a diesel engine from an automobile. So, in fact, it’s not too great for your health but bear in mind that this is only of excess, if you’re sitting there with no ventilation and strongly inhaling the smoke released from your burning candle then yes you going to eventually suffer some health issues over time, however, if you use it correctly then this effect should be minimal or even non-existent.


are candles bad for your lungs

One major risk that really gets people worrying about their candle-burning habits is its effect on cancer and the increased risk it might have due to exposure to toxic chemicals. This is in fact a truth, there are risks associated between burning candles and developing cancer, however, this is a very very small percentage. This cancer association risk is most prevalent in scented candles as this is where many of the toxic chemicals can be found. in most cases, these are very artificial scents and the release of dangerous organic compounds may have an effect on your risk of developing cancer. Bear in mind that evidence on this topic has not yet been extensively researched enough to provide full proof and thus is often extremely dependent on each individual and what their underlying health conditions may be.

Scented candles however have been proven to cause allergic reactions to those sensitive, it has been reported that some people experience sneezing, a running nose, and sinus blockage after being exposed to scented candles, so bear this in mind if you begin to feel like such after lighting a candle, an allergic reaction may be the issue.


are candles bad for your health

The mainstay is an example of a brand of scented candles, these candles are affordable and easily assessable and thus are present in many households around the US .these particular candles were once made from the lead wick, and after much deliberation and a few cases of lead poisoning have switched and are now a much healthier alternative, baing in mind the risks of scented candles we have previously discussed.

As you can see candles although beautiful, delicate, and calming can have some harsh effects on your health if you are previously susceptible to those conditions but overall this is not something to completely stress over and start throwing away all your beloved candles, instead, you could try opting for a healthier alternative such as ones made with coconut wax or beeswax as well as staying away from the extremely artificially scented versions and rather take the most organic approach.

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