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are narwhals endangered species

As our planet has grown, developed, and evolved along with all the greatness surrounding this growth also comes a lot of threat, the threat towards the existence of entire animal species as a result of the destruction of habitat, global warming, and climate change. Narwhals are a species of animals facing this exact threat right now. Narwhals are one of the most beautiful and rarest animals on this planet and having the ability to actually see one face to face is a rich treat most would die for, known as the unicorns of the sea they are a huge part of what brings people to the Arctic circle.


So are narwhals endangered species? While Narwhals aren’t considered to be an endangered species as of yet the narwhal conservation status sits at “special concern” meaning they are at the risk of near endangerment and should thus be carefully observed and preserved. The reason for this status is largely due to climate change and its effect on the melting of the ice in the Canadian Arctic in which the majority of Narwhals are found. The ice is a large part of the Narwhal’s habitat and is an essential part of not only their survival but their ability to breed and grow their species as a whole.

are narwhals endangered


Narwhal endangered is a real possibility due to a few reasons, as mentioned previously the effect of global warming and climate change means the ice is melting, the biggest problem is that not only is the ice decreasing in thickness and coverage but is also decreasing at a rapid rate, rate to fast for the Narwhal species to adapt to and as the ice is an essential platform for narwhals to hide from their predators and seek to find food and rest this means that their population is decreasing as their chances of survival lesson. Another major issue contributing to the near endangerment of the Narwhal species is that of population. Factors such as shipping of oil and gas have increased and as a result, have spilt over into parts of the oceans that are inhabited by narwhals. All of this increase in large shipments of goods have harshly affected many of the marine life including that of the beautiful Narwhal who faces death as a result. Another issue concerning these larges ships overtaking the oceans is the effect of the noise population they let off. Whales tend to use sound as a way of communication and the interference of noise pollution makes it very difficult for narwhals to properly communicate with one another and thus tend to lose track of the group, lose their sense of direction and cannot gage the arrival of predators, resulting in their inability to survive the harsh waters of the Arctic.


are narwhals going extinct

Yes, in fact, Narwhals are one of the rarest marine animals still alive in the Arctic and are reminiscent of another era in human history. Unfortunately, this rareness only makes them more vulnerable as many seek to hunt them as trophies. This threat of human hunting is one of the largest and most devastating narwhal experiences as modern technology and the evolution of hunting equipment has grown, hunting and killing these creatures has only become easier. This type of threat has existed throughout the history of narwhals and is one of the greatest and most devastating threat the entire narwhal species faces today.

Narwhals are an amazing and beautiful marine life species who are an important part of the entire ecosystem of the Arctic, other animals rely on them to survive and without them, the effects would be devastating. They are deep divers who spend most of their life underwater, gracing only a few with their presence they must be observed before the narwhal endangered status is too fatal and too late.

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