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Following human behavior and actions against nature and the environment panda should be extinct by now but because of their furry, fluffy, and overall cuteness factor, we have given in to help save pandas. For years there has been a massive and ongoing decline in the number of pandas left on earth. The endangered species panda predominantly refers to the Giant Panda; who’s species has been suffering the near risk of extinction.


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About thirty years ago we began to notice the number of pandas started to decrease. As illegal poaching started taking place, the Giant Panda was the target of extreme hunting. And if this wasn’t enough for the pandas to handle deforestation was completely destroying their main food source of bamboo, this forced pandas to have to relocate in order to find food, causing them to split up and thus breeding became an issue too. Deforestation occurs because of man-made developments, the destruction and or removal of land, trees, and resources in order to build better infrastructure, roads, and buildings as caused complete and utter disruption to the panda’s habitat and food sources. unfortunately, this trend continued on a downward spiral, causing more and more harm as the years went on. Only recently through huge amounts of protective services and security for our beloved pandas have we been able to slow this down and put an end to the decline, however, this does not mean that giant panda is no longer endangered.


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Well following the tragedy of near extinction for pandas they have officially been removed from the endangered species list but are still classified ad “vulnerable”. This is because their population increased instead of decreasing pandas not endangered but they are still at risk and the correct action still needs to take place in order to protect them from decreasing once again. In fact, there is a lot of good news surrounding the globally loved pandas and after years of endangerment, the steady progress and increase have shown that the effects taken by WWF and other organizations have worked in protecting species and can be used to help others in the wild and have led to the clarification that the giant panda is not endangered any longer.


Are pandas still endangered, as we answered this question and seen pandas classified now as vulnerable and not endangered their status remains as ‘NOT EXTINCT’? However, this doesn’t mean that pandas are not facing any risks, the harsh and severe threats from humans are still creating a high-risk environment for pandas living in the wild and while the number has increased there is still only about one thousand eight hundred left in the wild meaning they still need our help, protective services, and conservation of habitat and food sources in order for them to thrive and remain a part of our world for the many years to come.



Pandas despite their adorable and cuddly look are considered to be a treasure in China. Most of these species are found in forests at the top of mountains in the Southwest of China. They do not have many predators and survive only off of bamboo, they are huge animals weighing around three hundred pounds and play a very important role in the ecosystem of the forests. Pandas are in fact true icons of WWF, having its face displayed all over the world it has truly become a symbol for supporting, uplifting, and bringing awareness to the endangered species and the movement that aims to protect them from extinction. Pandas actually have no predators thus they face very little risk to harm from other species in the wild, yet they are still facing threats and this is solely due to humankind.

So the bottom line is that although Pandas have been removed from the endangered species list it does not mean that they are no longer in danger, it is not an excuse to forget that they are threatened, that their homes and food sources are gradually.

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