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Are Planes Going to Be Eco-Friendly?

Jun.04.2020 269 view review
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Planes became an important part of our society. They are used to transporting cargo and passengers while political leaders, the army, and other important society’s niches use planes for quick and comfortable traveling.

But planes destructively affect the environment. The amount of fossil fuel that is required to make one intercontinental flight is enormous and there’s a lot of issues with making planes more environmentally-friendly.

Although the plane’s white trails in the sky are beautiful new technologies need to be introduced in order to lower the environmental damage which our irrational activity causes to nature.

It is possible to make short flights environmentally-friendly?

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Yes, but it is a different situation with long and intercontinental flights. Planes won’t be able to get off the ground due to the heavy batteries’ weight if their engines will be replaced with electromotors.

Harbour Air flight company provides short and efficient flights over hard-to-reach areas such as mountains, forests, and water bodies by using only electric energy. Harbour Air’s flights last no longer than half an hour which perfectly suits their electric motorized flying boats.

But it is expected that the first commercial flight will take place in 2022 and will be run by the MagniX company which works on progressing electric motorized planes into the industry.

Electric motorized planes

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Electric motorized planes are much more financially efficient due to the low cost of electric energy compared with fossil fuel. Thus, the cost of each flight will fall twenty times.

Electric motorized planes are more comfortable and pleasant due to the absence of fuel’s smell, motor roaring, and shaking.

But existing legislation and control measures that were taken by governments and flight companies to secure air travel are not designed for electric motored intercontinental plane flights.

The energy density of fossil fuels is fifty times bigger than the energy density of electric batteries. This factor makes prolonged flights simply impossible by now. Hybrid engines can reduce fuel consumption by thirty percent and now this is the most affordable option for light companies to reduce air pollution and make flights more financially efficient.

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