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advantages of solar water heater


A solar water heater in the simplest of terms is a device that uses the sun’s energy by capturing sunlight and converts it into energy that heats your water. It is a way to use a sustainable source of energy that is completely renewable in order to achieve the same results as any electrical appliance used to do the same things. How solar water heaters work is by absorbing light in the solar collector or panel which is often located on the roof of one’s house or building, then this captured heat is transferred into the water tank and circulates, warming up the water already in the tank. This is a controlled reaction that is triggered by a thermal regulator inside the tank, a constant pump and exchange allow the water to become hot without overheating, and thus you know how hot running water that is solely created uses the heat of the suns rays. This in the long run is a great alternative to using a regular water heater and is extremely beneficial for our environment and our efforts to save and preserve it as best as we can.


uses of solar water heater

The main use of a solar water heater is of course to create warm running water through your home. The one great thing about a solar water heater is that it is cost-effective and can be used no matter the climate outside. There are many different types of solar water heaters and water tanks out there and thus you can ensure you’ll most definitely find the perfect one for you. To get started the best thing you can do is have a consultation in order to ensure you have the right space and platform to ensure a solar water heater will work correctly and efficiently in your home, the next step is to install your solar water heater and then keep it up to date on maintenance, around every three to five years and voila you have a constant flow of hot running water throughout the entire year and the only resource you are using is sunlight which just happens to be free!


disadvantages of solar thermal energy

There are many benefits of a solar water heater and some with some great advantages including

  • The first is of course that you’re using a free energy resource and it’s a resource that is constantly present and comes in abundance.
  • Secondly, they are much more cost-effective than your regular water heaters and only 2-3 panels need to be installed depending on the size of your house and of course how much hot water is needed at any given time.
  • It lowers your carbon footprint! if you are passionate about saving the environment and are trying to adapt to a more eco-friendly lifestyle then switching to a solar water heater is most definitely for you.
  • It is easy and maintainable and doesn’t take much room in the house.


While there are many benefits of a solar water heater, here are some common problems you may experience

  • Problems with heat transmission, in some cases your water may appear to not be hot and this can occur from a variety of issues concerning the structure of your system and the way the energy is transferred into the water, however, in most cases this is a fixable problem and may only occur if harsh weather conditions are experienced.
  • Leaking, another common problem found with solar water heaters is leakage, in some cases, water is found to be leaking from the roof, however, this can be easily fixed by simply replacing the inner valve.
  • Not enough hot water, in some cases people have complained that the system does not provide them with enough hot water to withstand their needs, this could come as a result of many things including, blockages in the pressure system, not enough insulation to trap the sunlight and the orientation of your solar panel.


common problems with solar hot water

The solar water heater working principle comes with many pros and cons including some unwanted disadvantages of solar thermal energy alongside all the advantages and benefits it can provide for us and our environment.


  • Renewable- One of the major pros linked to solar energy is its renewability, meaning it will never run out unlike the production of all fossil fuels and energy sources. The renewability of this source means that over time it becomes extremely reliable as you don’t need to worry about constantly replacing its generator system.
  • Non-polluting- Another positive that solar thermal energy provides for the environment is its non-polluting capabilities and this is because there is no production of chemicals, gases, and toxins throughout the manufacturing, installation, and upkeep processes.
  • Low maintenance- After the first installation, there is little to no maintenance required to ensure your system is working properly.


  • Expensive- Because of the lack of use of solar-powered energy, it has become extremely expensive to produce, however, this cost is only expensive for the initial installation, and in fact over time you actually save money!
  • Inconsistent- One of the biggest cons with solar thermal energy is the fact that it only needs the sun’s resources as in some cases on cloudy days and during dark hours no energy can be produced as the sun is not resent enough to extract energy from.
  • Storage- It’s hard to store sunlight which is water sometimes makes solar thermal energy somewhat unreliable as the production of energy is in the moment and cannot be produced in large quantities and stored for later use.
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