Green is CoolNatureAustralian Travel Company Helps to Restore the Great Barrier Reef

Australian Travel Company Helps to Restore the Great Barrier Reef

May.19.2020 297 view review
restore the Great Barrier Reef

One of the Australian travel companies which specialize in submarine-based tourism helps to restore the Great Barrier Reef which was tremendously damaged in recent decades.

Global warming, toxic pollution, the devastation of the oceans, and the rising temperature of the ocean waters have caused mass extinction and death of corals and reefs inhabitants.

Ten percent of corals and Reef’s inhabitants are dying annually and these numbers are constantly rising.

The travel business is going through a tough time but the «Passions of Paradise» travel company isn’t sitting on the fence. This travel company had offered a catamaran and four crew members to help the scientists from the Sydney Technology University to restore the Great Barrier Reef.

Scientists plant corals with the crew members in order to reconstruct the Reef’s composition. Crew places the breakaway pieces back and fixes them with special clips while building a carcass which will serve as a future ground for new corals.

More than a thousand reefs were planted as a part of the ocean restoring the program. Reefs are very important for the ocean’s biosphere as well as for humans. Coral reefs cleanse the water masses and serve as a home for numerous marine inhabitants and rare species.

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