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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Power Backup for Home Emergencies

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Nowadays almost everything of any importance to us is attached to some sort of power system, for example, documents on your laptop, pictures on your phone, business plans on hard drives, etc, etc. Well, what If I was to tell you all of these important things could be last due to power failures and electricity breeches. In many countries in the world this is a regular occurrence and having a home backup generator is already seen in many households across such countries.

While this is not to see that for sure this may happen to you, if you are holding onto any important content on electronic devices then having a backup battery for home cant harm in any way and is just an extra precaution that many people have already decided to take. Home backup power is also a strongly used tool in households that have chosen to use alternative power sources such as solar energy, hydro energy, and many other renewable sources. So if you’re looking for a safety net to ensure you have the best power backup for home then look no further, here are all the greatest options for you.

What Is a Battery Backup Power Supply for Home?

Before we can get into the top backup power supply for home, let’s dive a little deeper into what these emergency power supplies are and why we may need them in our households. Backup power systems designed for the home are used for a number of different reasons, some of these reasons include allowing the homeowner or occupants to live completely off the grid by switching to natural and eco-friendly sources of power but most commonly it is used as a backup system for those that keep all their work documentation at home and on the web.

A battery backup power supply is extremely beneficial for times in which you lose power as this could result in a loss of much important information kept online. Countries such as South Africa experience frequent losses of power that can last for up to 2 weeks with on and off periods, meaning having a backup power system is very common and extremely useful. So if you’re working from home this may be something you might want to strongly consider investing into.

Emergency Power Supply for Homes

home backup power

Now that you understand a little bit more about backup power supplies and why you may need one, we can begin to discuss the various options you have when it comes to actually buy and investing in the perfect backup power system for you and your home needs. Whilst the intention of any backup power supply is to be able to produce power even when there is no electricity, there are still numerous different types of such designs. The first type and one of the most common is a battery generator for home. Some of the most recommend backup electricity for home battery-powered generator include :


Yes, I’m sure we all now know about Tesla, extremely well known for their electric cars that is not the only product tesla produces. While their car standards are some of the best in the world, their battery generator does not disappoint either and holds a sturdy place at the top of the market. Tesla battery backup system is the most powerful ever produced and provides the fastest switch into backup power seen in all battery backup systems.

Vottery Powerall

It is no secret that Teslas produced may be out of the price range of most civilians, however this next product, Lottery Powerwall is both affordable and highly recommended. This system can be charged with solar panels and holds up to 6KWh backup storage. This is a great electricity backup for home solution and will definitely do the job when it comes to saving important things.

Some other great battery home power back up system include :

  • YiY
  • MeritSun
  • `GSC

The Best Solar Power Generator for Home

solar powered home generator

Another alternative for an emergency power supply for home is solar-powered generators or backup systems. These systems as per their name use the energy from the sun to take and store power that can later be used to generate electricity for home appliances. Solar home generator systems are a great way to create an off-the-grid living as well as reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the environment. Some home solar generator systems that may work for you include:

Ecoflow River Solar Power Rechargeable Portale Power Station

Yes, the name might be a mouthful, but the product is nowhere close to the magnitude of the size of its name. This solar-powered home generator is extremely powerful, especially for its miniature size. One of the most amazing features about this product is the fact that it is portable, meaning it can be taken with you no matter where you go, allowing you to create a backup power supply from any part of the globe. Its sleek and compact design makes it an extremely attractive purchase for many people across the market. It great because its power supply lasts for hours and electronic devices can also be directly plugged into its ports for a charge. It’s also lightweight and highly efficient.

Jackery Explorer 440 Solar Generator

Another great option for achieving backup power for home is the Jackery Explorer 440 Solar Generator. This mini but mighty solar powered generator is the perfect appliance for the safekeeping of a home office. It is lightweight, compact, and comes with multiple safety features. It can keep a charge for up to 10 hours and it a great and nifty appliance to take camping or to outdoor activities.

PAXCESS S320 100- Watt portable Solar Power Generator

The little powerbomb is one of the greatest home backup power systems as it is not only the lightest available portable generator but it is also very versatile, this is because it can be charged with a few alternatives, including the sun and via an outlet or port. Its design includes both AC, DC, and USB port systems that make it attractive to many varieties of people who need it for different uses. Overall this system is a great and worthwhile investment, especially in the long run.

Some other great solar powered backup generator options include :

  • Suako outdoors Portable Solar power Station
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Solar Power Station
  • Renogy Phoenix Portbale Generator

Generator Alternatives for Home Backup Power

We have already discussed a wide variety of different home backup generator systems for your home, however, these are not just your only options for creating power alternatives home. There are also a few other designs of backup power systems that are largely used for power outages. Some of the best home diesel generators for power outages include :

  1. Champion Power Equipment
  2. WEN GN6000
  3. Westinghouse WGen12000
  4. Generac 2200-Watt
  5. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer
  6. DuroMax

Diesel generators are designed to use as a more affordable and efficient solution as they have the ability to power huge areas even the size of a large home. There are no hazards associated with Diesel run power supply equipment and they can be left for long periods of time without a stabilizer. However saying this some people choose to use Gasoline, propane, or Natural gas energy solutions to power their backup home generators.

As you can see there are many options that one can use to power their home, appliances, or workspaces during times of electricity outages or faults, or a need to remove oneself from the grid. No matter your reason for choosing to have a backup battery for your home, it is most definitely a worthwhile and great investment for the future. As we rely on electricity, power, and connection to run our lives it has become of absolute importance to make sure that our property remains safe. Generators such as the ones discussed in this article have not only helped people keeping their workers safe during times of ni power but have also allowed people to work remotely and from almost any location. Overall it is a great thing to look into even if it is just for the future.

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