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Bees Are Returning to Nature Due to The Quarantine Lockdown

May.02.2020 223 view review
bee on flowers

Bees are the most important animal species on our planet and they ensure the year-to-year nature’s blooming.

But not only flowers are blooming because of the bees. The majority of agricultural and food crops are thriving thanks to these little creatures.

Most of the crops couldn’t be pollinated artificially but the bees, hummingbirds, insects and bats undertake this process which is vitally important for our planet and humanity.

In simple words, humanity cannot exist without the nature’s pollinators but the danger which had never been seen before threaten their very existence.

Numerous anthropogenic factors endanger the planet and its habitants and bees and insects are most vulnerable to them. Air pollution, CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions as well as agricultural land expansion and nature pollution deprive them of their natural habitat and livelihood.

Scientist had found out that bee population had been grown in the last few months. The one and only possible reason for such changing lies in the reducing of CO2 emissions after the quarantine lockdown was introduced.

Transport use had been extremely limited after the shutdown regime had been introduced. It is submitted that exhaust gases destruct the flowers odors making bees fly much further to find the pollen which they can sense to feed their offspring.

Cleaner air allows bees to perform shorter and more efficient flights. Such changing allows them to grow their offspring faster and more productively.

But the bee population had been reduced in many times in recent decades.

Air pollution and the use of pesticides had caused massive extinctions of bees throughout the world and this trend continue to grow rapidly. The situation is getting worse although the quarantine lockdown had suspended the reduction of bee population in certain countries.

Four fifths of all plant on the earth are pollinated by the bees only and other nature’s pollinators do the rest of the job without any claims. Bees extinction needs to be stopped. Otherwise, humanity could face an unsurmountable crisis.

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