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keeping chickens in backyard


Many people have been asking whether keeping chickens in the backyard is a viable option and whether it is number one possible and number two beneficial towards me. Chickens although they may seem like an easy animal to handle, care for and reap the benefits of, actually come with a few complications that you should definitely be aware of before making any sort of drastic decisions. Of course, the main reason that most people are interested in keeping chickens in their backyards is because of the fact that they will receive eggs and eggs that have been produced in a loving, safe, and protective environment, unlike what we buy at supermarkets, where most of the time the animals producing the food we eat are treated in harm and cruelty. I’m going to be showing you exactly what and what not to expect when having chickens.


are backyard chicken eggs safe to eat

Having chickens in your backyard and raising them to produce eggs has both pros and cons and here are some you may want to consider


One thing to definitely consider before investing in raising chickens is the cost. The cost of purchasing chickens their own won’t break the bank but it’s the extras that tend to become quite expensive. Once they provide eggs for your household the cost is evened out, however, this only begins to happen once your chicken reaches the age of 6 months, before this and of course during you need to provide them with sufficient food, water, shelter, and poop machines. But bearing this in mind there are also many alternative and more cost-effective ways to provide for your chickens, especially if you choose the organic route.


If you know chickens, you know how much noise they can produce and the nose starts from the early hours of the morning, so if your looking for a natural alarm clock then chickens might just be the perfect fit for you. The sound of chickens and be quite piercing and almost irritating to some, however, if this doesn’t phase you or you have space in your home fr enough from the living quarters then this is not a con. One thing to consider is your neighbors and whether they would be concerned bout the noise factor your chickens will be producing.

benefits of backyard chickens


Probably one of the biggest pros about raising backyard chickens has to be the quality of the eggs they produce. For starters the eggs from your chickens are not only going to be much healthier and natural but also a lot more nutritious than the types of eggs one tends to purchase from grocery stores. This is because of the way the chicken is treated, raised, and fed. However, if you are really interested in producing amazing eggs from your chickens a lot of time and effort is required in order to do so.


While chicken poop may seem like a con, and in some ways it most definitely is, it is in fact a great addition to maintaining a healthy, thriving garden. The manure that chickens produce is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which can benefit your soil and in turn lant growth tremendously. this can help you to potentially grow crops, vegetables, and a large variety of flora and fauna.


can i keep chickens in my backyard

The main reason why many people want to have chickens in their backyards is to be able to produce organic products as there are many benefits of free-range chicken. If you intend on raising organic chickens are some tools to help you.

Chicken coop supplies

Creating a large and comfortable home for your chickens is essential, the space should meet the right requirements and allow chickens a lot of space to freely roam around.


Your chickens should be fed with organic food supplies that come in either crumbles or pellets, however, organic scraps are also a great source of nutrition for chickens and can help eliminate your waste products too.

Feeder and waterer

Getting a hanging feeder and waterer is ideal for chicken as it means they do not contaminate their food products with any waste such as poop, manure, etc…

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