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Bike Riding As a Mode Of Transportation, Effect On Your Carbon Footprint And Additional Benefits

Aug.04.2020 345 view review
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Transportation is a necessity in our lives, one way or another we have to move around. Usually, we’re driving cars, using cars such as Uber and taxis or any forms of public transportation like buses, trams, and trains. But what about a mode of transportation that emits less CO2 and in turn reduces our carbon footprint?

It’s the small steps and changes that each one of us makes within our day to day lives that will determine the state of the planet. A bicycle? an easy and very efficient way of getting around, it’s affordable and low of the co2 emissions, and here’s why.

Cycling produces one-tenth of the emissions that cars do and the reason why is because it is food powered, our diet in turn creates a part of our carbon footprint, so what you consume creates the amount of CO2 you emit while riding your bike.

In order to power the bike, we power ourselves, for example eating a banana produces 65g of CO2e, bacon comes in at around 200 g CO2e for a 25g, so you can see where this is going. Low meat, vegetarian, and at the least emissions a vegan diet is key to lowering your carbon footprint while also cycling.

It’s a strange concept to understand but it’s pretty simple in fact, it’s all about what we eat and biking is only extremely effective if our diet is CO2 friendly.

So, if you want your carbon footprint to drop to the lowest possible for you, we do recommend an organic vegan diet + cycling.

( Even riding a bike one day of the week instead of taking the tram or car will help to lower your Carbon footprint.)

But cycling has many benefits too

  • A form of healthy exercise and Improved joint mobility, posture, and coordination.
  • Easy way to increase your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your bones.
  • Decreased stress levels as well as reducing anxiety and depression.

As intense as you want, cycling can be done at your own pace, the speed and impact you choose are entirely up to you. Time-efficient, it is often quicker than taking public transportation as there is no specific time and no travel and waiting time to and from each journey.

So if you can why not try swapping out the car for a bike this summer and experience all the benefits for yourself

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