Green is CoolTechnologyBiSolar Roof Tile Can Produce Green Energy for Twenty-Five Years

BiSolar Roof Tile Can Produce Green Energy for Twenty-Five Years

Jun.30.2020 342 view review
Roof Tiles Technology

Roof Tiles Technology Company specializes in the production of solar roof tile which can produce green energy. It has released its new solar tile model named BiSolar which has eighteen percent efficiency.

BiSolar tile looks like regular concrete tile with one important difference. It was designed to produce green and eco-friendly electric energy. One tile can produce eighteen watts while one square meter of BiSolar tile will produce one hundred seventy-five watts of pure and green electricity.

BiSolar tiles can be installed on the roofs replacing regular tiles and providing households with energy. One BiSolar tile weighs six kilos and features universal connectors so they can be installed by an electrician. BiSolar tiles are very easy to install and their implementation costs less than solar panels’ installation.

In general, such roofing will be thirty percent more expensive than roofing with the regular tile but the benefits of having an electro-producing roof will cover all additional expenses. BiSolar tile’s features make it affordable and convenient for most households.

This innovation can promote the increased use of sources of renewable energy reducing the consumption of fossil fuel energy


BiSolar tile is more resilient to precipitations and other environmental impacts. Roof Tiles Technology’s roofs feature pleasant to eye design and have twenty-five years exploitation limit which is bigger than regular tile’s limit.

All BiSolar tiles have a guarantee and are the most habitual and ergonomic option for domestic production of renewable energy. Roof Tiles Technologies Company had planned to launch BiSolar tiles’ distribution back in 2019 but a recent coronavirus pandemic interrupted the plans.

Roof Tiles Technologies Company plans to expand its market outside the UK pledging to provide production capacities to each company or factory that wants to start co-production or any sort of cooperation.

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