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Everything You Need to Know about the New Water in a Box across the Market

May.03.2021 231 view review
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As we’ve moved into an era of sustainability and an aim to benefit the environment by changing our ways, from our actions and behaviors to our choice of materials and resources so have a variety of our products shifted towards a more eco-friendly light. Boxed water is the new trend and possible replacement for both glass and plastic bottles that have caused some devastating effects over the past decade. But what does water in a box really mean for the state of the environment and does it actually benefit us in the long run? Well, it’s questions like this that everyone wants to know the answer to, and that why I’ve got you covered with all the ins and outs of the boxes of water you may be seeing appear in the grocery stores near you.

What Is Boxed Water?

Picture a carton of milk but instead of the product inside being a milky substance produced from cows, it’s water. Yes, this is the idea we’re heading towards, cartons of water are about to bring the olden days back to life. But the newfound water carton is not the only thing we need to know as the outside appearance is merely just part of the marketing, however, it’s what’s inside and the building of the external covering that is most important when it comes to this water bottle replacement. We have seen many sustainable water bottle replacements rise to the top but not attract the eye and attention of the public to last long enough to create a standard and staple product, but could cardboard water change the game? There are actually a few different companies that have started producing their own version of boxed water, stating that it is much more environmentally friendly than that f any bottled water ever made before. Brands such as “Just Water”, “Flow” and “Alter Eco” have been on the front lines of creating these cartoned water bottles and they have the facts to back up their information

Why Is Boxed Water Better?

So we’ve all seen and most probably drank out of your typical plastic water bottle and most of us out of glass bottles too, but how many of you have actually had the chance to sip your H20 from a paper craton? There are many reasons as to why boxed water is better than bottled water and here’s why.

Boxed Water vs Bottled Water :

water boxes

Boxed water is over 90 percent renewable

Yes, you heard it correctly, the materials that boxed water is made of actually 92% renewable. Why is this you may ask, well think paper, where does paper come from? Trees. As trees are a natural source of our environment, in some ways the gift that keeps on giving actually allows us to use their free resources in order to create a paper or cardboard covering and actually turn them into a sustainable drinking water box bottle. Most of the companies currently producing boxed water bottles are in connection with sustainable forests with an aim to offset our carbon footprint.

Boxed water is 100 percent recyclable

Because of the resources used to create these water boxes, they are considered to be 100 percent recyclable, which also means they are a renewable source. After the water bottle is used and discarded into the appropriate bin is then recycled or upcycled and turned into various other products.

Smaller carbon footprint than bottled water

One of the greatest goals of our generation is to lower the global carbon footprint and eventually become carbon neutral. Because of the size and weight difference between plastic and paper bottles the shipping process for boxed water allows them to fit more in one shipment. The facilities used are also located in close proximity to the consuming meaning that their overall carbon emissions are less.

Is Boxed Water Ph Level Better?

We now know that the cardboard water bottle is made out of much more sustainable and eco-friendly materials than plastic water bottles, but what about the contents inside? The PH level of water determines how alkaline or acidic it is. With a PH of 7 being pure and anything below being acidic and anything above being basic, where does boxed water stand? While each band of boxed water is different, “boxed water is better” has a Ph of 6.4 which is one of the closest to neutral on the market today. Because boxed water is a better ph level it is considered to actually be more hydrating for your body, which can help improve things such as exhaustion and acne-prone skin. Boxed water is also 100 percent BPA-free, which makes it a lot less toxic than that of a standard plastic water bottle. Boxed water can also be reused and refilled with tap water, which is actually considered to be one of the best sources of water as it the closest to natural and neutral in PH.

Boxed Water Reviews

water in a box

Now that we know a little bit more about what water in paper cartons actually is we can begin to look at the various companies producing them and review the product so you don’t have to.

Boxed water review :

Just Water

Just Water is a boxed water company that has created its own version of boxed water. According to tests and extensive reviews on the product, it has been given an overall rating of 4 out of 5. Many people have expressed that the water itself has a great taste and the novelty of the packaging is extremely attractive, however, the one doubt across the board was that the product is slightly overpriced.

Boxed Water is Better

Another company killing the boxed water game is Boxed Water is Better. They have set out on a mission to not only create a great product but also educate their consumers on why and how it is so much better than the water that comes from your standard plastic bottles. Their water in cartons has received some pretty great reviews from the taste profile to the packaging Boxed Water is Better is now catering for large events and has made a big impact in replacing plastic water bottles throughout the masses.

Water In a Box

Water in a Box is yet another company portraying their version of boxed water. Consumers have been loving the packaging of this company and the smart quotes attached to each bottle, allowing the consumer to see that they are doing a positive thing for the environment by choosing this particular brand over something else. Many people have stated that the water is refreshing and remains chilled for a while from the time of removing it from the fridge and has been a lifesaver for many fussy water drinkers.

Where Can I Buy Boxed Water?

Now that you have some extensive reviews about the various bottled water companies out there, I’m sure you’re rearing to get your hands on some and test it out for yourself. Luckily for you, boxed water bulk packaging is readily available to you through a multitude of different platforms. Firstly a few types of boxed water brands are currently being sold at most if not all of the large chain grocery stores which you probably have at least one of in your area. However, considering the times we are currently living in I’m sure a more efficient solution may be required and if you’re not planning on leaving your house to obtain the goods then it will simply be delivered straight to your door.

For example, Amazon is currently stocking a wide range of boxed water that can be purchased in bulk. Amazon now stocks Just Water that can be bought in a bulk pack of twenty-four for just $29. They also stock Boxed Water is Better, which is currently sold at $26 per pack of 24. Another boxed water brand known as Flow is also up on their site for just a mere $20 for a 24 pack. A range of other paper boxed water can also be found on amazon as well as a variety of different sizes ranging from 250ml.


So from all of this information, we have gathered about boxed water and its benefits, what is the outcome and how does it really compare to bottled water in the big picture? Well, there are many reasons as to why boxed water may actually replace plastic bottles altogether and that is the impact on the environment.

We all know how terrible plastic is for our nature, we know that it causes pollution in both the air, land, and water and we know that it has been the cause of death for many marine life animals, and the bottom line is that it some way or another it needs to be replaced, whether or not boxed water is its replacement we don’t know and well have to leave it up to the consumer to decide that. However what we do know is that boxed water has a 36 percent lower carbon footprint than bottled water, it also uses 43 percent fewer fossil fuels and has a 95 percent lower impact on the ozone layer, which automatically makes it better for our environment and the future of our planet.

There is not enough research done on its effect on human health but what we do know is that it can help us do our part in saving the environment. So the next time you’re at the grocery shop buying a bottle of water, try opting for the boxed or cardboard version instead and decide for yourself whether it’s more worthwhile than that of a plastic bottle, most importantly don’t forget to recycle or reuse your carton once you are done and maybe you will have found the perfect drinking water for you.

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