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The forest fires in California have spread alarm bells throughout the world as destruction is bought to homes, buildings, and people as the California forest fires increase in an uncontrollable way, burning for days and leaving after-effects that have created havoc around the entire city. People have had to vacate their homes, some watching theirs burn down in flames and others left with severe smoke damage. The shocking rise and long-lasting effect of these California wildfires seem to be getting worse as everyone wants to know why is California always burning?


So what is causing the fires in California? California is a city that tends to become very wet and moist during the winter and autumn periods of the year and as summer comes around the vegetation, crops, and land become dry due to increasingly high temperatures and little to no rainfall, the land becomes a perfect canvas for starting and spreading fires that have proved to be disastrous and extremely quick to spread for miles and miles. California has been experiencing such fires for decades but never on the level that they have reached now. And this fire season, California has experienced fires that are creating more a greater destruction and it has become a worrying event during the year where firefighters, people, and animals die as a result.


forest fires in california

There is a massive link between the California fires and climate change, as the temperatures during the summertime are reaching some of the highest they have ever been climate change in California is becoming a serious issue. As the temperatures are increasing tremendously the air becomes a lot drier and is unable to water the crops with even natural hydration and moisture, meaning there is very little chance for rainfall and a large enough rainfall to liven up the field to remain strong against starting fires. As well as this the snow is melting quicker and sooner each year, making the soil dry for vegetation to grow and develop. The biggest problem with this is that this dry soil and lack of vegetation are easily ignitable and with fields like this stretching upon thousands of acres its near impossible to track where the fire began and in which direction it will spread. Something as simple as a strong gust of wind hitting the dry burning vegetation is enough to completely change the direction of the spread and well as be a factor that sparks greater, higher, and bigger flames which becomes even more dangerous from anyone living in close proximity to this. Forest fires climate change is not just because the temperature is increasing its because we as mankind are the core creators of the increase, our pollution along with CO2 emissions and global warming are in fact the main contributors to the disastrous state that California is currently experiencing right now.


southern california wildfires

As well as climate change, there are other reasons as to why the California fires are so incredibly bad. Right now 2020 is proving to be one of the worst years for California wildfires, currently, millions of acres of land have already been burnt to top the record in all of history! A factor that is causing this year’s wildfires is a mixture between the high rise in temperatures along with forests that are extremely large and completely overgrown as well as this there has been freak lighting which is big bursts of lighting across the sky often igniting the start to these fires by sparking the dry overgrown vegetation causing it to burst in flames and as there is no rain, there is no relief, nothing to wash the fires before its too late. This year California has also been experiencing a drought together with a nationwide heatwave cause electricity blackouts as well as extreme winds. The blackouts caused as a result of the winds knocking down power cables and these power cables again hitting the dry vegetation and creating even more fires. So there’s not one reason cause these fires it’s more of a combination of everything, it is the perfect platform for fires to grow and when these conditions happen simultaneously there is no stopping the disaster before it happens.


why is california on fire

We have discussed what causes these fires and what brings them to the extreme point to which they get but there is more to the northern and southern California wildfires. What about the consequences that these fires bring? These in more harm to a burning flame than burning, not only are thousands of people’s homes, shops, restaurants, and buildings burning to nothing but the smoke that is creating is toxic and deadly. Even from a distance of the fire itself the fumes released can still be inhaled and can cause immense lung damage. The smoke is also creating a lot of air pollution, contaminating the air we breathe every day. The byproduct of burning fires is smoke and ash, these are full of harsh chemicals like acids and metals which often makes the air seem dusty looking and unclear. Not only does this make it extremely hard for firefighters to see what they are doing but researchers have suggested that this may be harmful to our respiratory system even without us knowing.


How long do wildfires last?

The fires in California can last for around seventy-six days but some longer and others can be contained in a shorter period depending on the magnitude.

What can be done to reduce these wildfires?

The careful trimming of trees and crops can be effective in helping create a less harsh and large fire and spread but the biggest thing we can do is decrease our carbon footprint in an attempt to help save the environment.

Think about the fires like this, it is a way that nature is calling for help, it is a mere consequence of climate change due to global warming and the only way to solve the issue is to start with ourselves by introducing environmentally friendly lifestyle changes into our everyday lives will we then only really be able to see a difference and to help the many natural disasters that are causing havoc and destruction at an alarmingly increasing rate.

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