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China Banned Fishing in Irtish and Fifty Other Rivers

May.13.2020 258 view review
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The Irtysh is one of the biggest and prolific fishing rivers in West Siberia and China. But that changed in recent years. Irtish and the other fifty rivers around are no longer abundant with fish.

The current devastation of oceans, seas, and rivers can lead to the total extinction of most part of the existing marine species. More than eighty percent of living creatures in the World Ocean had been caught by fishers and trawlers.

Now the Irtysh river can be devastated too. The Chinese government had banned fishing in Irtish and fifty other rivers for one year in order to repopulate fishing species.

The quantity of fish in rivers is catastrophically low and this ban was dictated by the concerns about the state of the environment. A seasonal ban existed for thirteen years before the current restriction but this measure was unsuccessful.

But still, the population of salmon, carps, minnow, and perch has grown in a decade. Irtish served as a source of food for centuries and now its fertility is under the biggest danger ever.

The current fishing restrictions is only an attempt to save what’s left from the animal world. China’s nature has experienced vicious and ruthless devastation. All wild animals may become extinct in the next few decades according to scientists.

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