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Cigarette Butts Are Many Times More Dangerous for Oceans Than Plastic Straws

Apr.15.2020 267 view review
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Smoking is one of the deadliest habits of modern society. Cigarettes harm smoker’s health many times harder than carbon dioxide emissions, junk-food, or plastic pollution.

But some parts of cigarettes harm not only the smoker but for the environment too. Cigarette butts are often being thrown on the ground or in the sewers. They pollute the environment and the sewer waters carrying them straight to the oceans.

Recent research released shocking numbers. Around sixty million butts were collected on the beaches and coastlines during the last three decades. They consist of plastic and it takes a very long time for them to decompose.

Cigarette butts are the worst contaminants. One butt can pollute around five hundred liters of pure ocean water with toxins and aggressive chemical compounds.

The danger is hiding in the cigarette filters. They absorb the most part of toxins, smoke, and chemicals when a person smokes which makes them a potential toxin-carrier. Still, the benefits for health are shady.

Ecological activists are saying that cigarette filters are just a marketing move, and they carry no benefits for smoker’s health.

Carrying cigarette butts to an ashtray or a trash bin is the most obvious way by which we can reduce such pollution of ocean waters. But the best way is to stop smoking.

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