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Everything You Need To Know About the Clouded Leopard what it is and Where It Comes From

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Our big and beautiful planet is home to an extremely large amount of different animal species, ranging from some of the biggest mammals to the smallest of living microorganisms, the world really has seen it all. But while we may think we have witnessed the earth roaming creatures from beginning to end, one that we may have missed is the all enticing clouded leopard. This wild cat roams through specific regions within the earth terrain and with the many cloud leopard pictures being surface through the media everyone is eager to know a little more about the Himalayan leopard that now faces vulnerability as it is threatened by extinction due to man-made causes and behaviors . In this article ill be explaining to you exactly what the snow leopard is, where you can find it in its natural habitat, and many of its interesting adaptations and characteristics that make it so special.

What Is a Clouded Leopard?

Before we can get into some more intricate clouded leopard facts let me give you a better picture by explaining exactly what they are. Clouded leopards are a beautiful species of the Asian cat family that is most commonly known for their mysterious behaviors and the fact that they are almost never seen in the wild. Not much information is known about the cat family and the exact size of their species population but what we do know is that they are now classified as a vulnerable species meaning they are under threat and could become extinct if not protected.

The Clouded Leopard Size and Characteristics

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The clouded leopard is not classed as a small cat nor as a large cat and simply remains in the middle of the two extremes. They roughly way around 12-23 kilograms depending on their gender and age and are most definitely carnivores and advent hunters. For means of a better context, the clouded leopard size compared to human is roughly the size of your average 9-year-old, weighing in at anywhere between 12-30 kilograms. Clouded leopards are found in many color varieties including brown, grey, yellow and black, and have an average litter of about three. They are a powerful mammal that is known for their quick and efficient hunting skills and there near 2 inches long canines.

How Many Clouded Leopards Are Left?

The clouded leopard population has been slowly declining for years in which it is now estimated that there is only about 10,000 or fewer left in the wild making them a vulnerable species and a clouded leopard extinct could be soon approaching if we do not act to save the remainder of their population almost immediately. The biggest threat that the species is actually facing is from our behaviors as humans in which we both hunt and destroy their habitat.

Where Does the Clouded Leopard Live?

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The clouded leopard habitats are found in Asia, south-east Asia to be exact, including countries such as India, Southern China, Burma, Nepal, and Sumatra. They tend to live amongst the trees in densely forested areas in both the subtropical and tropical jungles. However, there have also been a few cases of reported clouded leopard spotting in mangrove areas and grasslands in both Nepal and Borneo. The clouded leopard hides high in the trees during the day and secretively and efficiently hunts throughout the night using darkness as one of its weapons. They are extremely agile and can climb at one of the fastest speeds of all the cat species. The clouded leopard is also a solitary animal and hunts alone, marking its territory in trees in the wild.

What Does the Clouded Leopard Eat?

So with all its great hunting skills and abilities, what do clouded leopard eat? The clouded leopard only hunts and eats other animals including rodents, squirrels, gibbons, monkeys, birds, deer, cattle, livestock chickens, and even goats and wild boars. A clouded leopard baby is born blind and only opens its eyes after 10 days after birth. From then they are fully active and begin learning to hunt at just 5 weeks old. After nine months once fully weaned they are ready to go out into the wild and hunt on their own with all the necessary skills already developed and understood. The clouded leopard sounds are almost identical to that of a baby kitten as they purr but also pose some other interesting sound effects including a low moan or roar, a growl, a hiss, and soft meows as part of their way of communicating with other members of their species and population.

Clouded Leopard Facts

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Some other interesting facts about the clouded leopard include :

  • Human-leopard conflict, poaching, and wildlife change as well as habitat loss as destruction are the greatest threats towards the species and its risk of extinction.
  • Clouded leopards pets are beginning to become more frequent
  • Clouded leopards skin is covered in fur
  • Tigers, leopards, and humans are all predators of the clouded leopard
  • The clouded leopard can live anywhere from 11 to 17 years

As you can see the entire population of the clouded leopard species is relatively interesting and mostly unknown to your average human being. They are a very special and rare cat species that play an important part within the natural cycle of nature’s ecosystems and are unfortunately facing many threats as a result of human behavior and its impact. To help with this try donating to a big organization such as WWF, sign petitions, and recycle or use as many sustainable materials as possible. As just like it’s our fault that they are in this position it is just as much our responsibility to get them out.

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