Green is CoolPollutionCoca-Cola company doesn’t want to change its bond with plastic bottles and that disfigures our planet

Coca-Cola company doesn’t want to change its bond with plastic bottles and that disfigures our planet

Apr.27.2020 310 view review
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Coca-Cola Company announced that its customers still prefer handy and well-known plastic packaging. The fact that demand for glass and tin containers is rapidly rising is not enough to change the company’s policy.

Coca-Cola’s argument is that rejection of plastic packaging will reduce the sales rate. One hundred and eight billion disposable bottles are produced each year and almost all of them end up in the environment.

Coca-Cola has promised that by the end of this decade at last half of all plastic waste will be recycled. This terrifying trend wouldn’t stop in the near time because consumer’s choice is the most important thing for such corporations as Coca-Cola, Nestle, or Pepsi.

Statistic researches have proven that Coca-Cola company is most responsible for environmental pollution with plastic containers.

Plastic is huge harm, stop it!

Such politics need to be changed or better stopped. There’s no need to specify what consequences such emitting of toxic wastes are. Littered beaches are only a top of the iceberg.

The planet is in crisis now and the situation is only getting worse. The quantity of plastic waste emitted in the ocean will increase by 60 percent in the next two decades according to recent analytics studies.

Plastic production releases vast amounts of toxins into the atmosphere and surroundings. Disposable bottles are very hard to decompose and in the end, they only decay into microscopic particles that permeate everything. Those particles can be found in fish on our tables and even in bottled water.

Bigger plastic parts harming animals and marine life. Birds, turtles, fish, and whales swallowing plastic parts which can lead to a terrible death. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch consists of billions of plastic particles and takes up an area bigger than Texas. And who knows what part of it consists of Coca-Cola bottles?

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