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Coca-Cola Makes an Attempt to Produce Eco-Friendly Bottles

Mar.10.2021 201 view review
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The company of Coca-Cola is considered a giant for the production of beverages recognized as the largest source of pollution by plastic worldwide. And maybe it was the reason why the company announced the changes in politics and said that they intend to completely stop using plastic by 2030.

And now, the company finally started implementing this idea. On the past weekend, the company confirmed that the first step was made- a more eco-friendly bottle will be sold this summer in Hungary. This will be an experimental project in cooperation with the Danish young company Faboco.

The bottle will be made from recycled paper, however, the cast of the bottle still contains plastic. Now the company is looking for a proper solution that will not spoil the taste of the drink as well as its quality. But most importantly didn’t affect gases. Let’s hope in the future bottles will be generally without plastic. And we will wait for this.

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