Green is CoolRecyclingDeep Branch plans to turn carbon dioxide into feed for livestock

Deep Branch plans to turn carbon dioxide into feed for livestock

Mar.30.2021 279 view review
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Deep Branch from the U.K. proposes to turn the carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere into food for chickens, pigs, and fish. This project has already received funds from sponsors for further development.

The company will use a fermentation process that is similar to winemaking, but the microbes will feed on CO₂ and hydrogen instead of sugar. As a result, they plan to get a 70% protein product called Proton. It is supposed that it can replace traditional livestock feeds such as fishmeal and soybeans. “We will offer moderate price for these ingredients and without harming the planet”- the founders said in a recent interview.

On Tuesday, Deep Branch announced it has raised 9.5 million dollars to start developing its technology. But this project is not the only one that uses fermentation technology to produce more environmentally friendly protein. The American company Air Protein and the Finnish company Solar Foods are currently working to turn gases into food, and in India, String Bio transforms methane into protein for animals.

Deep Branch says its process produces 90% fewer carbon emissions than traditional farming methods. They recycle the emissions that cause the planet’s warming and turn them into food. This method reduces the overall pollution required for raising livestock by preventing deforestation and decreasing fossil fuels.

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