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hot desert biome facts

One of the many interesting biomes that our world has is that of deserts. With its own unique climate and characteristics, the desert biome makes up for a fifth of the entire earth’s surface. There are many interesting facts about the desert biome that will be shared in this article for you to get a better understanding of the regions that make up our world and the responsibility they play. Characteristics of desert biomes include mainly the fact that they are large pieces of land where there is little to no rainfall making them very dry and a hostile habitat for many plant and animal species.


Some facts about the desert biome include

  • Animals that live in the desert biome are usually very small in size, largely made up of rodents and reptiles as they have the ability to adapt to the large climate and weather conditions. Most of these animals are also nocturnal and tend to sleep through the day and only come out at night because the temperature is more tolerable and easier to withstand. Animals also tend to store water in their bodies or consumer water through foods they eat as the dryness of the desert biomes climate means there are very few water resources available.
  • Cacti is one of the few and very typical plant species found in deserts and this is because of their unique ability to not only store water but to protect themselves from being eaten by other animals through the harshness of their spines. Cacti also have a layer of wax-like texture around their outside which allows the moisture to be trapped inside, keeping them hydrated and able to survive even through the severe heat.
  • Some other fun facts about the desert biomes include the fact that it is actually a large tourist attraction whereby many people enjoy activities such as rock climbing, dirt biking, and hiking. Deserts are also found on every continent in the world except for Europe.
desert biome facts and information


  • The Sahara desert in Africa is the world’s largest hot desert and covers around 3.3 million square miles in size.
  • Camels are one of the main animals that can be found in hot desert biomes because of their ability to keep water in their systems for long periods of time by producing concentrated urine. They also have fatty tissue layers in their humps which allow them to keep cool and can survive for extremely long periods of time without consuming water.
  • Although during the day the temperatures in the desert are abnormally hot during nighttime these temperatures drop and it actually becomes very cold.
  • Hot deserts are prone to dust storms that occur when the wind blows and pick up in speed causing large quantities of sand to travel over hundreds of miles.


When thinking of a desert usually a brown, empty, and dry piece of land comes into mind but believe it or not cold deserts exist too, ones that stretch for miles covered in ice and snow. Cold deserts have extremely cold winters and can be found in high mountainous areas of the world and much like warm deserts get very little rainfall. Cold deserts have little to no plant life and the plants that do grow only come out in the summertime. One of if not the coldest desert in the world can be found in Central Asia and is known as the Gobi desert, it is very large and its temperatures can reach as low as -40C.

cold desert biome facts

As you can see there are many interesting desert biome climate facts and a variety of types of deserts, each unique in climate, animal life, and plant life. The desert biomes are important regions of the Earth that help to promote the formation of important minerals that can be developed through the dry and hot weather conditions.

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