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negative impacts of nuclear energy


There are many bad things about nuclear energy, these all come as a result of the high level of chemicals used in the process of creating energy. Nuclear energy works off chemical reactions between atoms and while its productivity level is high the risk level is high too and thus there are many dangers of nuclear power as a factor of its controlled fusion and constant explosion. These explosions occur within something known as the nuclear power plant in which a series of machines aim to carefully control the nuclear fission in order to produce safe and sustainable electricity. The problem with this is that within these nuclear power plants lies a huge amount of energy and highly explosive chemicals that can cause serious destruction and mass damage if one small thing would not go to plan and as such there have been many arguments against nuclear power as a result of its high levels of risk and destruction.


should nuclear power be banned

There are many harmful effects of nuclear energy both on human health and the environment as a whole, these consequences of negative nuclear energy have been seen on multiple occasions, deeming it one of the most dangerous locations in the world as the effect of any kind of explosion is highly damaging not just to the power plant itself but to the surrounding locations stretching for miles from the direct source. One of the biggest disadvantages of nuclear power is the fact that it is a non-renewable source of energy, this has a negative impact as the current goal of many countries is to create a sustainable system that uses the available plant sources that can be used a multitude of times over meaning we’re less likely to run out of the resources we need to keep our planet going. They are also highly unadaptable and cannot be used in conjunction with other forms of renewable energy which could lead to a more effective and long-time successful energy formation.


why we shouldn't use nuclear energy

Amongst the advantages of nuclear power lies many risks of nuclear energy as a sufficient and safe way of attaining electricity for public and industrial consumption some of these include


Building nuclear power plant is an extremely expensive operation and is way less cost-effective than using wind or solar-powered energy and as of the current day and age and as we fight harder and harder to create sustainable solutions to keeping our cities powered on the price of renewable energy is decreasing while the price of nuclear energy is becoming more and more expensive, thus it is not the most viable option for many countries and at this point serves very little purpose when in fact that money could go to creating something greater within the renewable sources available to us. As if building the nuclear power plant is costly enough there are even higher costs involved in keeping a nuclear power plant moving as the disposal of nuclear waste is even more costly than the building itself, taking billions of dollars from countries every single year.


are nuclear power plants dangerous

So we are paying these extremely large amounts of money to build and upkeep these nuclear power plants but how much benefit are we acutally obtaining from doing so? well, the answer is only very few as the high levels of cost mean it is taking thousands of available resources from other companies looking to create electricity. It tightens the whole market meaning there fewer companies able to create nuclear power plants of their own as the cost level is so high, whereas renewables energy sources open up the electricity market and give many more job opportunities, leading to a richer population.


One of the biggest disadvantages and risks of nuclear energy is its effect on the safety and security of not only the people directly working in conjunction with the plat itself but also to the people in surrounding areas who can be devastatingly affected if something were to go wrong. Some of the biggest nuclear explosions include the Three Mile, Chernobyl, and Fukushima which all killed thousands of people and destroyed large amounts of land as a result. This is because managing a nuclear power plant is extremely delicate as it is working with exact measurements with high explosive qualities.


One of the biggest issues and concerns surrounding nuclear energy is its effect on the environment, nuclear energy uses uranium which is a highly toxic chemical for the environment. These chemicals have to be transported to the nuclear power plant stations from various other locations, creating a serious pollution hazard. And is if this wasn’t enough the waste itself is highly radioactive and cannot just be disposed of in our landfills, meaning more land needs to be used to house nuclear waste products which deem them unavailable and extremely dangerous. This waste produced is also a big con in using nuclear energy as an electricity source as the areas where this is disposed as this wastes actually transmits radiation and is of a very high temperature meaning that no matter what it is stored in it will eventually breakthrough by consuming it, this means that it also has the ability to cause damage to living plants and animals surrounding its location. These radioactive sources also take hundreds upon hundreds of years to effectively disintegrate into safe levels of radiation as a waste product.

risks of nuclear energy

So if anyone says there are no negative consequences to using nuclear energy they are most definitely not correct and while there are some advantages, there are many risks and hazards too.

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