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Everything You Need To Know About What the Mars Sunset and Sunrise May Look Like

May.31.2021 296 view review
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The planet of Mars is one that has been brought to the public attention by the media, as of recently Mars is being investigated and researched as a possible planet for life to exist and because of this many more questions are being brought to light regarding how it may look and feel and the differences it may have in comparison to Earth. One of the greatest differences and most interesting points about Mars has a lot to do with the sun on Mars and whether a typical sunrise and sunset will even occur at all. As this may be a home for humans in the future it only seems right that these types of questions are answered and shared, in this article, I’m going to be explaining to you everything from the view of the sun from Mars to the color and sunlight.

What Does the Sun Look Like From Mars?

There are many unanswered questions regarding the sun on Mars, I mean does Mars have a sun, how far is the sun from Mars and does the sun look any different from what we see every day? For us the sun is normal, it goes with life on Earth, we never have to wonder what it looks like or feels like because we get the chance to see it every day but what about from a planet we know very little about. Imagining the look of the sun is not that easy considering that the species distances make massive changes including the size of the sun and how much light it may bring. The sun on Mars is actually one and a half times further away than it is from Earth which would automatically make it seem smaller, and almost give off a grey-like and blurry exterior look.

What Color Is the Martian Sunrise?

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The mars sunrise still exists just like t does on Earth, however, there is a small difference and that has a lot to do with how spectacular it is. The martian sunrise although following the same process as the one we witness daily on Earth is quite less grand and definitely not colorful and enhanced. Sunrise on Mars is more orange as it comes from a red planet and thus gives off a rusty-like impression making the colors slightly duller, however, the same idea of sunrise remains the same. The color of the sunrise you would expect to see on Mars is brown and orange-like but particularly faint.

What Color Are Sunsets on Mars?

Now the Mars sunset is where it gets a bit more interesting and really steers off the tracks from what we would expect to see and from what we are accustomed to seeing every evening. On Earth we are used to seeing skies filled with different colors ranging from radiant reds and oranges to more subtle pinks and even purples, however, on Mars, this is a little different. Mars is most well known for its blue sunset, yes a Mars blue sunset. This is all because of the planets surrounding atmosphere and the exact direction and fall of the particles the scatter from the sunlight.

Now because Mars is a Red Planet this may seem slightly confusing however the blueish twinge you’d expect from sunset on Mars stems from the dust in the air that surrounds the planet, allowing the light to enter into the atmosphere more efficiently. There have been many beautiful and extraordinary examples of the Mars blue sunset caught on camera by the technology that NASA possesses which have surfaced to public view and knowledge. An astounding Mars sunset photo was taken by NASA’s inSight Lander and depict the blue sunset seen on Mars where a dim sun hangs over a blue-lit sky.

In Conclusion

does mars have a sun

As you can see both Mars sunsets and sunrises differ slightly from what we would expect to see here on Earth. Although these changes are not massive they do in fact have a difference both in light and temperature which hasn’t been further researched as of right now. However, if we have any hopes of making Mars a livable planet for humans in the future, this blue sunset on Mars is just a small taste of the differences one can expect to find within the natural world in comparison to all we know and see on our beautiful planet Earth.

Although we can not actually witness how the sun on Mars is as we speak right now there are many hopes of scientists that this will one day be a reality at least for a couple of humans at a time who will then report their findings to us. The world and space is an astronomically huge phenomenon that we are only really beginning to uncover, and I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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