Green is CoolClimateEarth is being under attack of a solar storm with a speed of 500 km/s

Earth is being under attack of a solar storm with a speed of 500 km/s

Mar.02.2021 202 view review
solar storm

A moderately powerful geomagnetic storm is coming to Earth and could damage satellite technology. This is because it heats the external atmosphere of Earth, expands it and, as a result, makes it difficult for signals from satellites to reach. In addition, electricity levels can also rise, which can lead to a breakdown of power lines or loss of power in general in electrical power stations.

According to some reports, the consequences of such a storm will insignificantly affect the operation of satellites and weak fluctuations in the power grid. The speed of the solar storm will be 500 kilometers per second, or in other words 1.8 million kilometers per hour. Also, a small crack in Earth’s magnetic shield was recently seen, which makes the auroras brighter to our eyes. Interestingly, Canada’s auroras now count over 90% higher. Although this storm is not severe, some astronomers believe that the power of the storms will increase in the next few years due to the solar maximum.

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