Green is CoolTechnologyEatable Dissolvable Packaging Were Developed by Ukrainian Start-Uppers

Eatable Dissolvable Packaging Were Developed by Ukrainian Start-Uppers

Jun.19.2020 233 view review
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FoodBIOPack startup developed an innovative packaging – eatable bags that decompose within ten days and are made of polysaccharides, a completely eco-friendly and environmentally-sustainable material.

Hundreds of billions of disposable plastic packages are dumped in the environment annually causing massive pollution, killing numerous animals and living creatures.

Some innovative developments were created in order to find a sustainable and effective alternative to disposable plastic packages. Many polyethylene packages decompose for centuries, polluting the soil and the sea, leaving numerous micro-plastic particles behind.

Ukrainian FoodBIOPack startup won the international University Startup World Cup contest, held in Denmark. FoodBIOPack startup presented an innovative packaging material that decomposes within ten days and can be eaten.

Organic FoodBIOPack bags taste like pasta according to the FoodBIOPack founder Dmitriy Bidyuk. They can be used for soil fertilization or cattle fodder production after their use.

FoodBIOPack organic packages can solve the world’s problem with plastic contamination. These packages have enough durability to substitute the existing polyethylene packages.

FoodBIOPack start-uppers are working now on the packages’ moisture resistance hoping that their development will help to solve the world’s plastic crisis. They plan to launch FoodBIOPack mass production by the end of this year.

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